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Typeform is a Barcelona-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides a web-based survey-taking platform that combines data analysis and user experience design.

Founded in 2012, Typeform has recently raised $135M in a Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to $216M.

Let’s look at Typeform, its history, products, and what the new funding means for the company.

Company background

Typeform, formerly known as Forms.Me, is a Barcelona-based online platform that provides an easy-to-use tool to create conversational surveys, forms and various online data collection services. It was founded in 2012 to make it simpler and more enjoyable for people to ask and answer questions online.

Typeform has raised over $135M across ten rounds of venture capital funding since its launch eight years ago. While building their platform, Typeform’s dedicated team has designed creative ways to engage users, increase retention rates and take advantage of current tech trends.

The Typeform platform is built on strong database technology that enables form builders to easily integrate forms into digital products such as websites or mobile applications, allowing them to capture digital feedback from customers or organizational members quickly and accurately. To make sure their product stands out from the competition, Typeform develops tools which allow users to create interactive surveys with audio responses and get events the ability to register for conferences or seminars through the powerful software system.

Products and services

Typeform is a digital software company that provides interactive forms and surveys for businesses, organizations, and individuals. It helps users create forms from scratch, customizing them to suit their organization’s needs. Additionally, it offers a variety of tools to automate data collection and ensure responses are tailored to the user’s needs. Typeform also offers personalization tools that allow users to customize the look of their survey forms.

Typeform is used by everyone from small businesses to large enterprises for collecting information for feedback surveys, sales or marketing campaigns, customer service applications and more. The platform offers two main products: Typeform Build and TypeForm Desk.

Typeform Build allows users to create interactive surveys adapted to various devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It includes logic jumps, file uploads, net promoter score (NPS) metrics, text analysis capabilities and more.

TypeForm Desk is a customer experience automation tool that helps companies streamline communications with their customers by collecting relevant data in one place without any manual intervention. This includes features such as automated triggers, personalized messaging across channels, and automated post-chat satisfaction survey, among other features that enable teams to better understand the customer’s journey.

Typeform Raises $135M in Series C Funding

Typeform is a tech company that has consistently raised funds since its founding in 2012. The company recently closed its Series C funding round at $135 Million, bringing its total funding to $204M.

Let’s look at Typeform’s investment history and what this most recent funding round means for the company’s future.

Previous rounds of funding

Typeform, a Barcelona-based startup, has raised approximately $190 million in funding across three rounds. However, the first and second funding rounds were minor compared to the third round, which raised $130 million.

Round 1: $6mA in two tranches was secured in late 2014/early 2015. Investors included Point Nine Capital, Y Combinator and partially Microsoft Ventures.

Round 2: Total of $15M was secured in 2016 from multiple investors including Tiger Global Management and Connect Ventures

Round 3: Record-breaking sum of $135M was secured in 2018 from Lead Investors Ready Capital, General Atlantic and Accel. Accompanying the round three investment were Blackstone (IPO funders), Goodwater Capital, Founder Collective and LocalGlobe. Additionally, existing investors such as Point Nine Capital and Connect Ventures have reinvested as part of this round.

This substantiates Typeform’s position as a major player on the Spanish technology scene and international recognition as an important European startup. With this Series C Fund backing, Typeform is set to continue its growth in Europe and internationally.

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Series C funding

In April 2019, Typeform raised $135 million in Series C funding. The round was led by General Atlantic, a venture capital firm that has previously invested in tech companies such as Slack and SurveyMonkey. In addition, Typeform has received $198 million from investors including Insight Venture Partners and Index Ventures.

The additional funding will support the growth of Typeform’s product suite, including conversational form builder tools and an enterprise-grade customer data platform. Typeform is also looking to hire more employees to meet the demands of its expanding customer base across industries like finance, education, nonprofit organizations and tech startups.

The European startup is looking to provide solutions for collecting structured data from customers’ forms, conversations with agents and surveys. The company plans to use the funds raised to develop a feature that can convert existing web forms into conversational structures while enabling customers to capture any information they want. This will allow businesses to interact more naturally with their customers while still gathering data in a structured format that will provide insights on user behavior over time.

Investors in Typeform

In January 2021, Typeform, an online survey and form builder software, closed a $135 million Series C funding round. The round was led by Accel, a global venture and growth equity firm, with participation from existing investors including General Atlantic, Balderton Capital, and Index Ventures.

Let’s take a look at the investors involved in this funding round.

Lead investors

Typeform, the Spain-based software provider that helps businesses build intuitive experiences and powerful connections with their customers, has recently concluded a Series C funding round worth $135 million.

The round was led by Index Ventures, a high-profile venture capital firm based in Europe and California. Accel, the Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that led Typeform’s Series B funding round in 2017, also participated in this round. Other notable investors include Draper Esprit from the U.K., Global Founders Capital from Germany, and Point Nine Capital from Germany.

The company also welcomed new investors to this round, including Korelya Capital from France, U-Start Club from Singapore, and existing investors such as Balderton Capital in London. Moreover, individual investor Matt Mullenweg – founder of WordPress – also participated in Typeform’s Series C funding round.

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Participating investors

Typeform was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. In 2014, the company secured its first outside funding of €2 million through a seed round led by Point Nine Capital.

They later raised an additional €6 million in February 2016.

On December 10, 2019, Typeform announced that it had raised $35 million in a Series C funding round led by General Atlantic with participation from Accel and existing investors, Point Nine Capital and Passion Capital. The total outside investment into Typeform stood at €129 million (or USD 138.6 million).

The participating investors include:

  • General Atlantic
  • Accel
  • Point Nine Capital
  • Passion Capital

Impact of the Funding

Typeform’s recent Series C funding of $135M is a milestone for the company. With this fresh influx of capital, Typeform looks to accelerate its international expansion and product innovations.

Let’s explore the impact of this funding on the company and how it will further their goals.

How will the funding be used?

Typeform, a Barcelona-based maker of online surveys and forms, recently closed a $135 million Series C funding round. This brings the company’s total raised capital to nearly $169 million since its founding in 2012.

The funding will ensure Typeform’s place as the global leader in data collection, customer experience, and communication tools. Typeform is investing heavily in artificial intelligence automation, predictive analytics tools and improving its mobile experience. In addition, the company is dedicated to improving its user experience by continuously focusing on product innovation and expanding into new markets worldwide.

Typeform is also actively exploring areas such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), computer vision (CV), and deep learning technologies that it believes are medium-term opportunities for growth. typeform plans to utilize this funding to fuel future growth and further develop its technologies to continue leading the market regarding intelligent user experiences.

By using this new capital, Typeform believes it can further expand its impact with large-scale enterprise customers, small businesses and individual users alike, allowing them to easily collect data from their customers or employees faster, better and more intelligently than ever.

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What does this mean for Typeform’s future?

Typeform’s latest financing round is a major success and indicates the growing interest in the company’s products and services. In addition, the $135 million will undoubtedly significantly impact the company’s future operations and market position.

The first use of these funds is expected to be an increased focus on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. With AI-powered solutions, Typeform aims to provide a more engaging customer experience across its platform. This could manifest in automatic natural language generation, enabling Typeform to provide automatically generated answers for customer questions. Additionally, AI technology can help analyze customer feedback data for further insights into user behavior and sentiment.

Typeform has also expressed plans to invest further into its data science capabilities, allowing it to develop more comprehensive models that analyze customer feedback from all angles. On top of this, enhanced Machine Learning (ML) technology could enable Typeform to review survey responses in real time and provide automated recommendations based on customers’ behaviors.

In addition to these investments, Typeform may use some of their funding for marketing purposes to enter new vertical markets such as finance or health care. Whatever their intent with the money, it’s clear that Typeform is committed to pushing their product forward and leveraging the latest technologies to develop solutions to increase users’ satisfaction with their platform.

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