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Formed in 2012, Typeform is an online survey provider enabling clients to create customized surveys and questionnaires for their businesses. The Spanish-based company has become a leader in the industry and recently closed a whopping Series C funding round of $135M. This significant amount of capital gives Typeform an advantage in the competitive survey provider market and cemented its place as one of the most promising startups to watch.

Typeform has seen an impressive growth since launching in 2012, boosting clients’ user experiences with their interactive and humanistic survey tool while securing deals with notable businesses such as Google, Spotify, Facebook, Uber and other big names. In addition, the company’s ability to evolve its services to keep up with the ever-changing customer demands makes it a highly attractive investment for venture capitalists looking for long-term return on investment (ROI).

Overview of Typeform

Online survey provider Typeform is a powerful platform quickly gaining traction among businesses and venture capitalists.

Founded in 2012, Typeform has raised over $200 million in venture capital funding, with its most recent Series C round closing at $135 million.

With this investment, Typeform has solidified itself as a leader in the online survey market and is poised to continue its strong growth in the years to come.

Company Background

Typeform is a Barcelona-based online survey and questionnaire provider whose services are used by companies, organizations, and individuals worldwide. It was founded in 2012 by two software engineers, Janio Silva and Robert Muñoz Gomariz.

The company aims to make collecting information on any device or platform easy. To date, Typeform has served over 6 million users worldwide, creating more than 500 million forms with their intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Today, Typeform offers three main types of surveys: Self Service for online surveys; Custom Solutions for larger businesses and organizations that require enterprise-level features; and Insights & Analytics which provides real-time analytics to help track survey results. In addition to these core offerings, Typeform provides APIs that allow developers to quickly integrate its services into existing applications.

In 2017, Typeform’s revenue climbed 52% year-over-year to $12 million since the company launched its self service product the prior year. In addition, the company has recently announced it has closed a $135M Series C round of funding from Accel Partners. This significant capital influx will accelerate their expansion into new markets – such as Latin America – develop new products, hire more staff and further capitalize on their strong growth prospects in the online survey space.

Business Model

Typeform is well known as an online survey provider. However, the company’s core revenue stream comes from selling subscription-based plans for its web software, used by businesses and organizations to create surveys and forms for collecting data from their customers or employees. With features like conversations, logic jumps and data customization, users can easily create beautiful and intuitive survey experiences without learning to code.

The company also offers enterprise solutions, which include basic services such as SSO (Single Sign On). Additionally, the company offers specialized products such as “asynchronous” surveys in which respondents answer questions even after the researcher has gone offline.

Typeform also earns revenue from its API program that enables users to integrate Typeform into other applications, allowing companies to access powerful insights around engagement, funnel completion rates and customer experience metrics. For example, businesses can gain more insight into customer behavior by leveraging Typeform’s API tools in various ways, such as recording user interactions with different softwares for tracking how people respond when presented with different options within a form.

Lastly, the company earns revenue through partnerships with external firms like Zapier and Salesforce where they offer a subset of their services in exchange for a commission fee. This allows Typeform to extend its reach beyond the existing customer base while strengthening relationships between organizations worldwide. Overall, Typeform is proving to be a profitable business model in this heavily competitive market due to its resourceful utilization of product sales and collaborations/integrations.

Online Survey Provider Typeform Closes $135M Series C Round

Online survey provider Typeform recently closed a $135M Series C Funding round, representing a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. With increased capital and strong prospects,

Typeform is an attractive investment for venture capitalists looking to expand their portfolio.

This article will discuss the details of Typeform’s funding round and how it could benefit both venture capitalists and its customers.

Overview of the Round

Typeform – the online survey provider – recently announced the closing of their series C round. Led by General Atlantic, with participation from Accel, developers’ productivity and collaboration platform Atlassian, and Index Ventures, the $135 million round brings Typeform’s total funding to $207 million. The company will use this powerful new investment primarily towards its rapid global expansion, including international expansion into China and Japan.

This new round highlights venture capitalists’ strong interest in Typeform as an attractive investment, likely due to its massive growth potential both locally and internationally. Since 2014, when it closed a series A funding round led by Index Ventures at a valuation of less than $100 million, Typeform has grown to serve more than 20 million users across 176 countries each month who send 1 billion answers every week.

Apart from the growth prospects that have made it so attractive for investment funds around the globe – such as those listed above – Typeform has also earned a reputation for its commitment to quality. It is trusted by companies such as IBM and Coca-Cola thanks to their ability to easily create interactive contact forms that offer an engaging user experience.

Completing this major funding round will enable Typeform’s further proliferation into new markets and produce even better, user-friendly services for more consumers worldwide – demonstrating its attractive value proposition for investors worldwide.

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Investors Involved

Typeform, an online survey provider, announced on March 2, 2021 that it closed a $135 million Series C funding round. Leading the round were existing investors Accel and Atomico, while new investor Tiger Global joined in. This brings the total investment amount in Typeform to $215 million.

Typeform’s mission is to make data collection human with their online form and survey building platform. The company gives users the tools to capture engaging customer and stakeholder insights. They have an enthusiastic customer base of over 3 million users including global companies such as Ikea, Dyson, BBC and Pepsi.

The Series C funding will go towards expanding its product capabilities and accelerating international growth plans – focusing on expanding in Asia Pacific and Latin America regions this year. With this latest capital injection & growing market demand for fast & accurate data collection solutions within organizations of all sizes, Typeform is positioning itself to become a leader in this space globally. It is said that the company’s revenue has grown by 200 percent over 2020 – showing strong growth prospects which could be attractive to potential investors looking for potential investments in the space.

Typeform’s Growth Prospects

Online survey provider Typeform has recently closed a $135M Series C round, making it an attractive investment option for venture capitalists. This investment highlights the strong growth prospects that the company enjoys.

Typeform’s ability to generate revenue, its customer base, and its innovative offerings are the key drivers of its growth. In this article, we’ll look at why venture capitalists are drawn to investing in Typeform.

Market Opportunity

Typeform, one of the world’s leading online survey providers and consumer data-driven insight companies, recently closed a Series C financing round worth $135 million. This strategy speaks to the potential for Typeform’s growth within the consumer insight and survey markets and indicates that venture capitalists are confident in its potential for future success.

The consumer insight market is anticipated to reach $51.7 billion by 2022 and Typeform’s capabilities will support a larger share of this rapidly growing space. Already, Typeform has established itself as a leader in the online survey provider industry through its intuitively designed platform and customizable options for surveys, forms, polls, quizzes and conversational chatbots. In addition, researchers believe that with its modern technology backed by powerful artificial intelligence tools (AIs), Typeform can easily capture wider audiences across various industries to collect valuable consumer insights.

The market opportunity also awaits global expansion to major economies such as India, China and Brazil which have yet to be explored by Typeform despite having potentially explosive business models. Additionally, continuously enhancing existing products while introducing new offerings such as marketing automation software can accelerate its growth further exponentially. As such, investors recognize Typeform’s untapped market potential which could make it an attractive long-term investment opportunity with immense earning opportunities going forward into the future.

barcelonabased 135m 35m series septemberlomastechcrunch

Product Differentiation

To sustain strong growth in the online survey industry, Typeform has focused heavily on product differentiation. The company offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface with engaging design elements, and its support services are efficient and reliable. As a result, they have positioned themselves as the “best-in-class” solution for online surveys – offering a comprehensive suite of features, ensuring a great user experience that enables organizations to build powerful surveys without having technical know-how or coding skills.

Typeform has incorporated features such as voice recognition for enhanced engagement, chatbot integration for automation, and data visualization tools to help businesses gain valuable insights from their surveys. Real time analytics help with survey setup and management – enabling them to quickly analyze and interpret massive amounts of data in seconds.

Furthermore, Typeform’s integration with APIs from the most popular cloud software (such as Salesforce) makes their product even more attractive for businesses looking for ways to collect customer feedback in near real-time.

Growth Strategies

TypeForm is an online survey provider focusing on making data collection easier and more engaging for businesses. The platform has quickly become a favorite of customers and investors, closing their Series C round in 2020 raising $135 million. This success is a testament to the business’ growth strategies formulated and implemented intelligently.

TypeForm looks to expand the types of questions it can offer, making it easier for customers to get detailed insights from simple, fast surveys. It also looks to increase its use in marketing automation and customer experience management; AI-driven insights are valuable tools for both strategies. The company is also exploring options for using chatbots as part of its features, allowing customers further engagement with their audiences at a deeper level than what can normally be achieved with email campaigns or text messages.

The most exciting element of Typeform’s growth strategy is its foray into data science, allowing them to get richer insights from customer responses faster and more accurately. Typeform can add immense value to any organization’s business processes by providing deep insights into client actions and preferences through its algorithms or partnerships with major analytics providers like Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Power BI.

Finally, Typeform continues to invest heavily in marketing initiatives ranging from SEO to content marketing, ensuring that they remain at the top of potential customers’ minds when it comes time to decide which survey platform is right for them. By capitalizing on options like international expansion and thought leadership efforts, the company has shown that it understands how crucial user adoption is in today’s crowded marketplace — something that top venture capitalists always look for when deciding where to invest their money.

135m series sofina 35m septemberlomastechcrunch


In conclusion, Typeform’s ability to expand its offerings with innovative products and services on top of its market-leading online survey platform make it a very attractive investment for venture capitalists.

This article shows just how much potential investors saw in Typeform as evidenced by the recently closed $135M Series C round. With strong growth prospects and a well-respected brand, venture capitalists will be lining up to be part of Typeform’s ongoing journey of success.

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