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Typeform is a fast-growing, innovative software company transforming how businesses collect data and build relationships with their customers.

Typeform recently announced its $135M Series C funding round and is continuing to revolutionize its users’ online survey and data collection experience.

Let’s take a look at Typeform and what they do.

Overview of Typeform

Typeform is an interactive software development platform that enables organizations to create digital forms, surveys, quizzes, polls and other web-based interactions. Founded in 2012 out of Barcelona, the company has experienced exponential growth and operates offices in the United States, Spain, France and Germany.

In April of this year (2019), Typeform announced a $134 million Series C funding round led by General Atlantic. This new capital injection will enable the company to expand its reach into new markets, invest heavily in research & development initiatives, and continue rapidly innovating their current product offerings.

Typeform aims to provide companies with an efficient method for gathering feedback through various data collection forms – from customer surveys to market research or collecting ideas from team members. Through a condensed data interface dashboard filled with visuals that make understanding trends easy to interpret; Typeform has simplified the process of finding what is needed quickly and efficiently.

The latest version allows users to set up reminders so they never miss an important survey or quiz; receive real time updates on progress after publish; break down results by category for faster insights; display customized fields for more inclusive interactions; track indirect competitors thoughts and patterns; add multimedia capture for greater understanding around sentiment; allow campaigns which can be used across multiple devices and disciplines – just to name a few.

With its upcoming series C funding announcement ushering in exciting new possibilities – organizations around the globe should take note…Typeform’s next era could be bigger than ever before!

What Typeform Does

Typeform is an online platform that allows anyone to create beautiful and user-friendly forms, surveys, quizzes, polls and conversational experiences for their customers, employees and partners. Founded in 2012 by David Okuniev and Robert Muñoz, this Barcelona-based company was initially launched as a free form builder. However, it has since expanded into a comprehensive platform offering its own set of enterprise solutions.

Typeform creates tools for users to collect valuable feedback from their customers and other stakeholders by creating engaging experiences that make form filling less intimidating and fun.

Typeform gives businesses insights into customer sentiment through real-time analytics based on their responses through surveys, interviews, quizzes and more. The company is backed by venture capital firms including Index Ventures and General Atlantic, who led its most recent $135M Series C funding round. This investment will allow Typeform to further expand its capabilities in data analytics offering more advanced reporting capabilities to its users.

Intending to continue to help people run meaningful conversations with others through forms and data collection — this new wave of investment is just the beginning!

Typeform’s History

Typeform is a Barcelona-based technology company established in 2011 by two co-founders, Robert Muñoz and David Okuniev, to make data collection more “human”.

After receiving several rounds of funding, Typeform’s $135M Series C in 2020 became a key milestone, bringing the company’s total funding to $219M, which illustrated a growing interest in the company’s potential.

In this article, we will look at Typeform’s history and the importance of it’s Series C funding.

Typeform’s Founding

In 2011, Typeform was founded by two visionary designers, Robert Muñoz and David Okuniev. Their mission: To help people understand the value of creating engaging surveys and forms that yield actionable insights. By designing experiences that are fun and easy to use, they sought to revolutionize the way companies create data collection activities.

Since then, Typeform has become a well-known and respected provider of online form-building solutions used by a wide range of leading companies and organizations. To build something people will love to use, Typeform developed its signature conversational approach—every form feels like an intimate conversation with the user. Typeforms don’t just look good but also function great with superior response rates compared to other methods—the company won numerous innovation awards for their pioneering work in this space.

by 2017, Typeform had raised over US$45 million in funding from Accel, Index Ventures and Point Nine Capital; this investment enabled the development of GroundspanX (GSX), a customer experience platform that combines automated analytics with intuitive forms technology. In 2020, Typeform secured another US$135 million in Series C funding from General Atlantic– rounding off a decade of success from humble beginnings.

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Typeform’s Growth

Established in 2012, Barcelona-based startup Typeform is a software platform dedicated to helping people create surveys and forms in exchange for customer insights. The platform revolutionized the web form and survey architecture by providing an engaging and user-friendly experience featuring conversational wording and an easy-to-follow clickable layout.

Since its founding, Typeform has continued to grow — expanding beyond their online forms platform by acquiring TellForm and Conversation.ai to provide data enrichment services. As their market share widened, Typeform has maintained customer stickiness; continually offering new features without adversely affecting ease of use or speed of service. As they continued to dominate the online questionnaires space, it was no surprise that Typeform quickly attracted investor attention — culminating in a massive $35M Series A funding round in 2016 and a $90M Series B that same year.

In 2020 Typeform raised more than $135 million through its Series C financing round, reaching a total funding of $223 million from investors across the globe from Europe and USA such as Index Ventures, General Atlantic, Point Nine Capital and Accel Partners. This investment cycle demonstrates that investors feel confident about the potential growth of Typeform’s business model — offering a unique customer experience tailored towards customer needs while promoting scalability through product diversification focused on developing new technologies around AI/NLP/Conversational Interfaces & APIs for internal customer engagement & messaging platforms.

In addition, the recent funding is expected to be used by the company to expand their product offerings and widen their geographical reach into Asia & Latin America — with exciting prospects on how it will redefine the form & survey industry globally.

Typeform’s Products

Typeform is a web-based platform that enables users to create surveys, polls and forms. Their products allow businesses to collect customer feedback and insights from their customers.

They plan to expand their product offerings with Typeform’s new $135M Series C. This article will discuss some of Typeform’s current and upcoming products.

Typeform’s Forms and Surveys

Typeform’s Forms and Surveys are online form building and survey creation tools designed to make data collection a breeze. They feature an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, custom templates, conditional logic, powerful data storage and integration capabilities. For example, you can collect text responses in multiple languages, capture digital signatures and accept payments within the same form. Plus, the real-time analytics dashboard helps you get the most out of your data with easy-to-understand visualizations.

Forms and surveys can be embedded on any website or shared as a direct link via email or message links – making it easy to share across any platform with your customers. Typeform also offers A/B testing to optimize forms for even more data insights. Finally, with robust integrations such as Slack, MailChimp and Salesforce, Typeform makes it easy to stay connected to other business apps you use daily.

Typeform’s Forms and Surveys is useful for capturing leads in different ways through any website with embeds or direct links, collecting customer feedback which can help optimize services offered by businesses, driving surveys to increase customer engagement thereby increasing loyalty & sales, running A/B tests to measure user experiences, understanding customer attitudes & feelings towards products & services & much more. Ultimately, Typeform’s Forms and Surveys helps businesses understand their customers better to remain ahead of the competition in today’s ever-evolving markets.

Typeform’s Quizzes and Polls

Typeform’s Quizzes and Polls feature is an easy way to get customer and employee feedback. This product allows you to quickly create surveys, questionnaires, and polls to gauge customer satisfaction or conduct market research.

The Typeform Quizzes and Polls feature allows you to create simple yes/no questions or more complicated multiple-choice questions with images, photos or videos. You can even customize the look of your quiz with pre-designed templates, custom colors, and more.

Once your survey is created, it can be shared via email and messenger apps like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger giving you the power to reach a wide audience quickly. With Typeform Quizzes and Polls you can capture instant insights from multiple target audiences within minutes.

These surveys are simple to create and give you insight into user behavior that would otherwise be difficult to uncover using traditional research methods. This makes it easy for companies to make informed strategic decisions on their products without wasting time or money on expensive marketing campaigns.

With Typeform’s $135M Series C funding in May of 2020, the company plans to expand its product offering with new features allowing users even greater control over their surveys and improved analytics tools for deeper insights into audience responses.

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Typeform’s Conversational Forms

Typeform is an online software that allows users to create conversational forms for surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and polls. It also provides forms for collecting customer feedback, market research, and lead generation. The platform utilizes proprietary technology that captures the natural conversational flow of your desired responses from users. This allows questionnaires to be personalized and engaging based on specific consumer needs and preferences.

The company recently announced a $135M Series C funding round from investors including Index Ventures, Accel Partners, and RTP Global, bringing Typeform’s total financing amount to $232M. This new capital will help Typeform continue its mission to make data collection delightful by creating easy-to-use software products that make it faster and simpler to capture customer feedback.

Typeform’s conversational forms are intuitive, providing an end-to-end form experience on any device. Its toolkit of features helps businesses get accurate insights about their customers faster than ever before—despite the size of their team or budget. For example, you can create custom forms tailored to your customer personas without any coding knowhow or engineering support—making it easy to collect low quality leads in under a minute. The platform also tracks response performance so you can track the progress of your surveys in real time across all your brand channels while providing data insights with the click of a button.

Typeform’s $135M Series C is Just the Beginning

Typeform has experienced remarkable success since its inception and has established itself as an influential online survey software provider, changing how businesses collect and understand customer feedback.

Through its Series C investment of $135 million, the company continues to invest in the future, emphasizing product development, customer success, and international expansion.

Let’s look at the impact of Typeform and how they set the stage for further success.

Typeform’s Customers

Typeform’s customer base has also become more diverse, with companies in several sectors, such as e-commerce, banking, and healthcare turning to Typeform. Thanks to its user-friendly and interactive forms, they can get the answers they need quickly and accurately. The company’s clients range from startups just getting off the ground to major Fortune 500 organizations like IBM, Microsoft and Amazon.

Outside the corporate world, Typeform is popular among everyday users looking for a simple way to create forms for any purpose—ranging from surveys for academic research projects or classroom polls to customer questionnaires for a small business. It’s especially valuable for individuals or small-scale organizations that lack the resources or expertise of larger firms. By using an easy form builder like Typeform, these organizations can create forms without needing a webmaster or IT specialist on staff.

Thanks to its constantly expanding capabilities and features—like Logic Jumps and Conversational Forms—Typeform is constantly meeting the needs of businesses seeking quick feedback without compromising functionality or usability. As the company continues its impressive growth trajectory with no sign of slowing down anytime soon, it appears that $135 million investment in Series C funding was just the beginning of what Typeform can do.

Typeform’s Series C Funding

Typeform’s $135M Series C funding in May of 2019 was one of the largest capital investments into a unicorn, a privately held start-up valued at over $1 billion. Lead investors including Base10 and Draper Esprit gave Typeform the boost it needed to expand its product suite — and its presence in the market — even further.

Typeform is an interactive data collection service that helps companies build conversation forms with custom content and modern features, enabling users to collect data that matches their brand personality. Typeform’s platform delivers an inclusive customer experience that takes most forms to the next level by creating conversations out of dull forms, collecting first-hand feedback and gathering user input quickly.

Along with reimagining how people experience forms, Typeform has expanded into multiple verticals ranging from advertising & marketing surveys to customer feedback reports and HR process optimization. With the strategic Series C investment, Typeform can deliver personalized experiences better than ever and improve customer satisfaction by 10%. According to CEO Robert Dykes, “Getting feedback from customers can be a cumbersome task for marketers. The raised capital will help us provide seamless experiences on our platform across numerous verticals.”

Typeforms Series C funding is another example of this company’s commitment to redefining how businesses collect data and interact with customers on their digital platforms. With continued investment from influential venture capitalists such as Base10 and Draper Esprit, there is no telling where Typeform will go next in online form creation services.

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Typeform’s Future

Typeform’s recent $135 million Series C funding round is a testament to its ongoing success and will set it up for a bright future. The Barcelona-based startup provides a revolutionary platform for creating beautiful Online Forms and Interactive Surveys that allow businesses to easily capture customer feedback and measure customer satisfaction. It also offers powerful features such as logic jumps, group analysis, an open API, integration with third-party systems and more.

This new round of funding is expected to further fuel growth in Typeform’s customer base, allowing them to expand into new markets while continuing to deliver on the company’s mission of creating “the world’s best online forms.” With this new infusion of capital, Typeform plans to double down on product development and build its global presence. The company also intends to expand its team size worldwide – hiring dozens of additional data scientists and engineers – and open offices in the US and UK.

Typeform’s current offerings have become central components in any business’ digital marketing strategies; aside from gathering customer feedback, companies can use this technology to onboard customers, perform assessments, or query internal structures. In turn, this technology has enabled companies to stay ahead of the game regarding customer acquisition, retention and loyalty – key elements for a successful business model in today’s digital world.

In short, Typeform has become more than just an online form builder: it embodies possibilities for businesses that go far beyond simply collecting information about their customers or operations – it stands for innovative communication between companies and customers that will only continue to develop as the company grows ever stronger. It is safe then po say that this fundraising round is just the start – we can fully expect further expansion by Typeform as they solidify their place as one of the top players in digital marketing technologies of our time.


Typeform’s Series C funding is the latest milestone in the organization’s development and growth. Founded in 2012, Typeform enables companies to connect deeper with their audiences through beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and more. With its Series C funding, the company has now raised $244 million – a testament to its emerging clout.

The rise of Typeform reflects the growing demand for personalized tools that enhance consumer experiences and make it easier to collect valuable insights. Their mission is to empower people with the tools to better understand their customers and create lasting relationships. As they continue to expand their suite of products and services, there is no telling how far they will go or what they may accomplish.

Typeform shows a lot of promise for the future – proving yet again that hard work pays off in amazing ways. But, whether you’re an existing customer or planning form trying them out for yourself, one thing is certain: Typeform is just getting started!

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