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Hasura is a GraphQL developer platform with an open source GraphQL engine that helps developers quickly build, deploy, and manage their apps.

The company recently raised a whopping $100M in a Series C funding round, making it one of the biggest funding rounds in 2021. In this article, we’ll discuss why Hasura was able to secure such a massive investment, and what this could mean for the future of GraphQL development.

GraphQL developer platform Hasura raises $100M Series C

Hasura is a GraphQL developer platform that enables developers to quickly build, deploy and manage modern applications on Kubernetes, either on-premise or in the cloud. Founded in 2017, Hasura has raised $121.3 million, including a recent $100 million Series C round of funding in April 2021 led by Tiger Global with follow-on investments from existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

The new funding will enable Hasura to continue its mission to help developers move faster. This can be seen in Hasura’s suite of products that allow developers to quickly design, develop and deploy GraphQL-based applications with instant access to their data sources. These products include Hasura Cloud for frictionless hosting; Apollo Server for auto-connecting data sources for GraphQL queries; Custom Routings for cookie-free scaling and automation; Native Services for powerful integration features like triggers, edges and others; Access Authorization & Security for managing authentication and authorization flows; Metrics & Logs Monitoring Setup to give visibility into the application performance; Enterprise Application Invites & Provisioning which provides a secure way to invite users, groups and teams while ensuring they can collaborate safely on the same instance.

These tools make it easier for developers to create a streamlined application development process that can easily adapt as development needs change over time – creating more efficient software cycles with fewer interruptions due to technical issues or feature requests down the road. With this recent funding round, Hasura continues its mission of helping developers move faster by providing them with better resources at every stage of their development process – enabling them to tackle any project with greater confidence than ever before.

Hasura’s Success Story

Hasura is an open source GraphQL developer platform enabling developers to quickly build and deploy cloud-native applications. Since its launch in 2018, Hasura has gone from strength to strength.

This success story is highlighted by the recent Series C funding round of $100M which it successfully secured.

Let’s dive into Hasura’s success story and explore why the company secured significant funding.

Hasura’s product offering

Hasura is a GraphQL developer platform that provides a lightning-fast, cloud-native experience for application developers. It enables teams to build and deploy applications faster, with fewer headaches. In addition, Hasura acts as an abstraction layer between APIs and databases, giving developers the power to quickly build applications without sacrificing scalability or performance.

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At the core of the Hasura product offering is its GraphQL API, which allows developers to query data using an intuitive and powerful language. The GraphQL API integrates with popular front-end libraries such as React and Vuejs, making implementations fast and easy. Additionally, its real-time streaming capabilities enable developers to quickly add advanced features such as push notifications, chat features and interactive dashboards in minutes.

Hasura also provides advanced security features including role-based access control (RBAC) to enforce least privileged access policies, authorization tokens for secure user logins and protected data fields for protecting sensitive information from unauthorised viewers or actors. Lastly, Hasura’s open source tools can be easily integrated with popular cloud services such as AWS, GCP or Azure to create a serverless deployment model for enterprise applications at scale or allow for on-demand persistence of ephemeral containers & functions.

The well rounded offering from Hasura has enabled it to be adopted by organisations worldwide including Fortune 500s like Microsoft & Oracle and independent software engineering teams looking for fast deployments of mission critical applications. This combined with capital efficient strategies have enabled Hasura to raise $100M in Series C funding to further their mission of democratising Application Development technology stack & empowering agile teams everywhere!

Hasura’s customer base

Hasura has built a strong customer base since its launch in 2018 and has continued to grow it in the past few years. Today, its customer portfolio includes some of the biggest brands in the world including Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Siemens and many more. According to Gaurav Kumar, Chief Product Officer at Hasura, “We have an outsized impact with the smaller enterprise customers; many are running complex mission critical applications on Hasura.”

The company has always been focused on catering to large IT projects behind these companies where time-to-market is at a premium. Hasura helps customers reduce development time & cost while enabling them to focus on their core product strategy. This helps accelerate their development process and gives them a competitive edge.

The GraphQL developer platform from Hasura provides a graphical layer over databases and APIs so developers can quickly build feature-rich apps without worrying about underlying code complexity. Hasura’s success is rooted in its focus on helping developers build faster and more efficient applications for their teams and providing extended support for users through various tools, from deployment to training materials.

This ultimately helps businesses achieve their goals and provides immense value for clients who rely on graphQL powered applications for their business logic. This holistic approach has paid off for Hasura resulting in an industry leading TTR (Time To Results) of almost 80% better than any other alternative solutions available today.

Hasura’s Series C Funding

One of the most successful GraphQL developer platforms, Hasura, recently announced that it has raised $100M in Series C funding. The investment marks an incredible milestone for the company and has raised the expectations for what Hasura can deliver in the future.

This article will provide an overview of the funding and its implications for Hasura’s platform.

Who were the investors?

Hasura Inc raised $100 million in a Series C funding round to grow its GraphQL developer platform. Led by GGV Capital, this newest funding round featured participation from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners. It also included new financiers such as Entrepreneur First, D1 Capital, Vertex Ventures SEA & India, Heavybit and Tiger Global Management.

The Digital India-focused startup’s total investment now stands at 150 million USD since its beginning almost four years ago in 2017. Previous findings include a 15 million USD Series A led by Nexus Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners in October 2018, and an 18 million USD Series B led by Lightspeed Ventures in February 2020.

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At present, Hasura provides a unified developer experience for mission-critical GraphQL applications for customers ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies like Warner Media and Schneider Electric across industries including media & entertainment, automotive & aerospace manufacturing and supply chain management. Hasura is ranked the ‘Most Loved’ category winner under the ‘Database Development Tools’ on Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey.

What was the purpose of the funding?

Hasura, a modern open-source GraphQL developer platform, announced it has closed its Series C funding round with $100M. The round was led by new investor Tiger Global Management, with participation from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. With this latest round of funding, the total amount raised by Hasura stands at $135 million.

This investment will fuel the growth of Hasura’s core GraphQL developer platform and expand its global footprint. This will help businesses use an industry standard data network that provides unified access to all data sources. The extra capital will also allow Hasura to launch new products, extend its full-stack capabilities and continue to provide developers with a highly productive GraphQL development experience for building cloud-native applications much faster.

The capital also emphasises major companies’ recognition that emerging technologies are key to helping them build the apps their customers need in today’s digital economy – quickly and safely – allowing them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries which was otherwise hard to achieve using existing tools and frameworks. By investing in Hasura’s suite of tools, companies are given the resources they need to unify their data management across all sources while taking advantage of greater developer productivity when building cloud-native applications on any infrastructure platform they choose, such as Kubernetes or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What does the funding mean for Hasura?

Hasura, a GraphQL developer platform, recently raised $100M in its Series C funding round. This investment marks Hasura’s latest step forward in its mission to make modern application development faster, more secure, and more collaborative. It also gives the company added resources to drive its continued global expansion.

This article will discuss what this funding round means for Hasura and how it will affect its users.

Expansion of product offering

The $100 million Series C funding that Hasura recently raised will be used to expand the capabilities of its GraphQL developer platform, which provides users with a secure and efficient way to develop, deploy, and further manage their applications. The Hasura GraphQL platform provides a highly scalable, enterprise-grade stack with integrated management and monitoring tools. Additionally, the platform allows developers to pay for only what they need for their project, instead of committing up-front costs to access resources.

Hasura plans on using this funding to invest more resources in its core technology and product offerings, such as:

  • Scalable deployment options across providers
  • Integrated support for deeper observability
  • Expanded range of data sources beyond GraphQL endpoints
  • Enterprise features like automation, fault tolerance & alerting
  • Streamlined user experience for faster onboarding & development velocity

It also plans to expand its partner ecosystem, who offer templates and services centred around their respective offerings on the Hasura platform. Furthermore, it has also outlined plans employing resources towards international expansion by hiring new staff and investing in activities around education/thought leadership and advocacy initiatives. All these efforts combined are expected to result in increased customer adoption while also future-proofing Hasura’s ability to continue providing first class developer experience in the long run.

Expansion of customer base

The Series C funding for Hasura gives the GraphQL developer platform the resources to expand its customer base and global reach. As a result, Hasura is well-positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for cloud native applications that power modern businesses. With its distributed team spread across Europe, Asia and America, as well as a steadily increasing user base, versatile support channels, and unique solutions like GraphQL federations, Hasura is positioned to serve customers spanning markets of all sizes.

The $100M Series C funding will be used to accelerate growth in key geographic regions like Japan and India; invest in R&D initiatives that increase performance and scalability; provide a deeper range of tools that provide users with access to more easily build applications; expand customer success efforts; build out commercial & enterprise offerings with custom enterprise solutions & dedicated customer success teams; engage more partners (ISVs & SIs); hire an international team of seasoned engineers & product professionals; launch new products such as managed AI & ML services and webhooks ; provide rich analytics that helps customers measure their usage of the platform effectively; develop new technologies, such as Postgres-as-a-Service and flexible billing plans, which enable developers of any size or magnitude to use the platform with ease.

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On top of these efforts, Hasura plans to double down on open source initiatives such as GraphQL Apollo Server and GraphQL Subscriptions. By strengthening these open source projects and developing new ones, Hasura looks forward to delivering superior value-added solutions for developers.

Investment in new technologies

The Series C round of funding, in which Hasura raised $100 million, will advance the company’s GraphQL developer platform, an open source data and application layer that simplifies the access to data sources. It also accelerates the development of modern applications.

As part of its mission to democratise access to databases and APIs, Hasura provides powerful tools to build and manage applications quickly. Through this funding round, Hasura plans to invest in new technologies, such as new APIs for developers and tools for creating persistent forms of GraphQL objects at scale.

The investment will enable Hasura to further its mission of providing easy-to-use platforms for developers and accelerating innovation in GraphQL technology. Allowing developers from all skill levels access to the fast-evolving set of technologies available today and extending their capabilities into persistent GraphQL forms can lead to better customer experiences with applications driven by cloud services.

The investments made during the Series C round will empower developers by giving them a comprehensive suite of tools for building and managing modern applications quickly. The hope is that these tools can help organise data easier than before while providing powerful automation capabilities that make software development faster and more efficient than traditional methods.

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