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GraphQL startup Hasura recently raised $100M at a $1B valuation, and is revolutionising how we think about data.

By introducing a new way for developers to create APIs and query databases, Hasura is making it easier to access business insights and build powerful apps quickly and efficiently.

This article will explore how Hasura is changing how we work with data and why they have become so successful.

GraphQL startup Hasura raises $100M at $1B valuation

Hasura is a GraphQL startup based in San Francisco that has recently raised $100M at a $1B valuation, disrupting how we think about data and facilitating the connectivity of multiple applications and backend systems. Founded in 2017, Hasura has revolutionised how developers build and manage applications, providing a powerful platform with robust features and capabilities to quickly build, deploy and scale applications.

Using Hasura’s open source GraphQL engine, developers can quickly connect their existing data sources to create unified APIs. From databases to APIs, to unstructured data such as documents from MongoDB Atlas or event streams from Apache Kafka clusters, Hasura brings this all into one consolidated space. Doing so enables developers to rapidly stand up complex application architectures without having to worry about writing queries for a specific backend.

Hasura’s core product combines machine learning and cloud services with enterprise grade authorization frameworks to help businesses optimise their resources across platforms. The product also simplifies multi-cloud deployments through its cloud infrastructure services powered by Kubernetes. This eventually helps organisations develop software faster while reducing the time spent on testing, debugging and managing their infrastructures.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies like React Native, NodeJS & GraphQL with best practices in development process such as code reviews & unit testing, building quality software is faster than ever! Furthermore, developer teams can work together more effectively by tracking errors & corrections easily on the Hasura dashboard for better communication & collaboration between team members!

How Hasura is revolutionising the way we think about data

Hasura, the GraphQL startup, announced recently that it has completed a $100M Series C funding round at a valuation of $1B. Hasura is disrupting the way businesses and developers think about data and unlocking greater potential than ever before.

Using GraphQL and other technologies, Hasura offers a solution to many challenges in quickly executing complex data queries across many different databases. This is particularly true for data associated with web applications powered by various web frameworks like React or Python. By leveraging the scalability and flexibility of GraphQL, Hasura makes it easy for developers to quickly and safely access data from all sources.

hasura graphql series greenoakswiggersventurebeat

It’s no wonder Hasura has become so successful in such a short period; their approach to data is revolutionising how we use and store information. By making it simpler for businesses to access valuable insights from internal or external sources, Hasura can help organisations make more informed decisions leading to greater success. It’s clear why investors have taken notice of this strong platform with its massive potential for expansion – Hasura is changing the game regarding how we think about data.

Hasura’s Impact on the Industry

GraphQL startup Hasura has recently raised $100M at a $1B valuation, signalling a major shift in the industry. Hasura was founded in 2018 and is a platform that helps developers build, deploy, and manage Postgres applications.

Hasura has been instrumental in changing how people think about data and how applications are built. In this article, we will explore how Hasura is impacting the industry.

Hasura’s $100M funding round

In April 2021, Hasura, a GraphQL startup based in San Francisco, secured a monster Series C funding round: $100M at a priceless $1B valuation. The Series C was led by global investors Altimeter Capital and Tiger Global and had the participation of existing investors with the likes of Vertex Ventures US, RTP Ventures, and Stereo VC, amongst others.

Hasura’s $100M funding round was notable for highlighting the increased interest from investors in so-called “diffused edge” startups — companies that use cloud services to reduce latency and improve user experiences. Edge computing is widely seen as having strong potential in terms of providing real-time insights as data becomes more widely distributed across different computing networks and devices.

The validation of many edge automation companies like Hasura speaks to the enormous potential for businesses that offer comprehensive solutions to complex problems related to application developer operations (DevOps) tasks such as accelerating application delivery times through improved resource availability. The company’s open-source cloud services provide developers easy access to critical backend components like databases, machines, messaging systems and storage units to quickly independently create fully functioning apps. This task automation means projects are carried out faster without sacrificing quality or introducing security risks.

As part of this $100M investment in Hasura it was also announced that partners would collaborate on building better industry standards around Graph QL operations and providing educational resources for developers interested in exploring GraphQL further. This marks an important point for Hasura where its path from startup ideology is now firmly rooted by key industry players’ interests that validate its disruptive potential going forward. This move will likely have lasting implications across incredibly diverse industries such as music streaming services, digital payments platformer’s e-commerce stores and healthcare tech providers who have already emphasised embracing edge technologies to secure their strategic advantages with cost savings.

Hasura’s $1B valuation

Hasura, a GraphQL startup, recently raised $100 million at a valuation of $1 billion, shaking up the industry with their market-leading data platform. They are the first in their space to reach this milestone and, given the growth of their customer base these past few years and their pioneering use of GraphQL for data management and integration, it is no surprise.

Hasura’s platform offers an easy way to develop complex applications by connecting existing databases and APIs quickly, securely and easily. What’s more: it’s all done without writing any code! This innovative approach eliminates much of the set-up time needed to create powerful apps with modern technologies like React.js or Vue.js that talk to other services and databases using real-time technologies like GraphQL Subscriptions and serverless functions.

By taking the grunt work out of developing complex apps without learning multiple languages or toolsets, Hasura allows developers to focus on creating great experiences for end users while unlocking potential savings by eliminating costs associated with traditional app development processes.

These savings help make Hasura competitively priced in comparison with its peers who offer similar services—and attractive for investors looking to fund its ambitious vision for rapid industry expansion. Hasura’s mission is clear: liberate humanity from technical complexities so people can focus on improving things—and industry analysts are betting that this could be worth nearly $1 billion in revenue growth over the next few years alone.

hasura graphql series 1b greenoakswiggersventurebeat

Hasura’s impact on the GraphQL industry

Facebook used the first application of GraphQL in 2012 to build their mobile products faster and more efficiently. Now, the GraphQL industry is experiencing an accelerated growth propelled by innovative startups such as Hasura. Hasura has revolutionised how data is created and managed by applying cutting-edge technology to databases.

Hasura’s main product is a managed GraphQL service that gives developers access to an enterprise-level instance of GraphQL from a cloud platform — allowing them to focus on building their applications without worrying about managing a database. The suite also automates data caching, security (using JWT), and user monitoring.

By eliminating the need for developers to manually manage databases and optimising their workflow, Hasura has made it easier than ever to build modern applications that rely on reliable and powerful data infrastructure. Thanks to the success of Hasura’s revolutionary approach, the company recently raised $100 million at a $1 billion valuation — reinforcing its stature as one of the top players in the database industry today.

What’s Next for Hasura

The recent report that GraphQL startup Hasura raised $100 million at a $1 billion valuation has generated a lot of buzz in the tech world. With the available financial resources, Hasura is set to take their innovative technology to the next level.

In this article, we’ll explore the trajectory of Hasura and how the GraphQL startup is looking to change how we think about data.

Hasura’s roadmap for the future

Hasura, a prominent GraphQL startup, announced last month that it had raised an incredible $100M in Series C funding at a more than $1B valuation. This announcement marks a major milestone for the company and demonstrates their commitment to data technology.

With this financial injection, Hasura intends to use the funds to build on existing initiatives and unveil new strategic plans. Their primary focus is to expand their product offerings and enhance global data delivery capabilities. In addition, the company has outlined several objectives including investment in two main areas: scalability and industry partnerships.

Priorities include:

  • Investments towards increasing scalability solutions for customers across industry verticals and geographical regions.
  • Offering comprehensive support with localization enabled GraphQL-as-a-Service platform integrations.
  • Expanding telco network access points for companies with regional performance requirements.
  • Developing proprietary smart contract featurettes within the Hasura platform.

To facilitate these objectives and further strengthen industry collaborations worldwide, Hasura also plans to widen its number of strategic industry partnerships worldwide. In addition, data protection compliance from multiple international regulatory standards will be implemented into all upcoming platform releases.

Hasura’s roadmap for the future includes:

hasura graphql api series 1b greenoakswiggersventurebeat
  • Supporting developers of all skill levels.
  • Transforming data tech delivery with better quality service across many countries/regions worldwide such as USA/Canada/Australia/China/India & EU countries such as France/Spain/Germany.
  • Addressing customer demands with features that simplify their workflows.
  • Automating much of their existing processes with Serverless PostgreSQL backed integrations & executing analytical use cases in a fraction of time with Platform Insights powered by Machine Learning & AI powered Customer Support Services (CXA).

Hasura’s plans to expand its platform

Hasura, a GraphQL startup, has announced a $100M raise at a $1B valuation. This funding gives Hasura the resources to extend its platform and support its users. Going forward, the platform will continue to expand its services with features that make it easier for developers to interact with data.

To achieve these goals, Hasura plans to utilise the capital raised to add new data sources and services such as event triggers, visual query editors and more APIs that integrate seamlessly with common enterprise systems such as gRPC/JSON microservices and Kubernetes-based clusters. In addition, they plan to further automate processes by expanding their integrations with popular frameworks including React, AngularJs, Rails and Node Js.

Hasura also plans to invest in their open source repositories to improve their developer tools including the GraphQL metadata standard which will enable more efficient enterprise use of Hasura’s GraphQL services. Furthermore, they will be increasing investment in customer success initiatives like customer onboarding tutorials and expandable knowledge base material related specifically to how companies leverage Hasura’s technology within their organisations and build out best practices for tooling around GraphQL queries.

As one of the most successful data startups today and backed by leading investors from two continents, Hasura is poised for strong growth in 2021 as talks of new features fuel investors’ confidence in their technology stack. The immense funding boost presents a wealth of opportunities for individual users and larger enterprises looking for easy access into today’s data driven world.

What the future holds for Hasura

Hasura is a GraphQL startup that recently reached a $1 billion valuation after raising $100 million in funding. The company offers an open source GraphQL Engine to enable businesses to build secure and powerful applications. With the help of their cloud platform, developers can connect their apps with APIs and data sources faster, easier, and more securely.

As Hasura grows, it will focus on driving true collaboration among different teams to help organisations build better products. In addition, it seeks to make app development accessible for all sizes of businesses by leveraging its auto-generated APIs. It is also looking towards the future of data by offering an integrated hybrid integration platform that allows it to read from multiple sources (such as SQL databases and REST APIs) quickly and easily.

Hasura is also developing tools for automating platform user authentication and access control management. Furthermore, they are exploring improved methods of using big data technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict customer behaviour and optimise business performance.

The ambitious startup has been able to attract investment from some of the world’s top technology companies including Google Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital, Mubadala Ventures, Stripe Ventures amongst others, who believe in their potential for creating groundbreaking technological solutions that enhance productivity within companies by making app development faster and easier than ever before.

It appears clear that Hasura will continue to be a key player in the technology world aiming at making product launching simpler than traditional application development processes require – offering users even more reliable options when it comes time to building products quickly with the utmost quality and security standards maintained up-to-date.

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