Cards are the basics of any casino; whether online or real-life, you will always find a card for display or in gameplay. Although casinos also offer other services to their customers, card games can be very popular.

Casino resorts are one of those that provide multiple benefits to their players. Even if you won’t play a card game at a casino resort, at least you can say, “I did manage to visit the indoor spa pool and it was great.”

Cards Are Symbols of the Calendar

Several variations have been with a deck of cards: 24, 36, 40 and 48, but 52 won. Ever wonder what they could mean? One theory claims that the number of cards in a deck represents the number of weeks in a year. Then the colors red and black represent day and night, and the four suits indicate the number of seasons.

This theory makes even more sense when you look into the 13 cards corresponding with 13 weeks in each quarter and 13 lunar cycles. Additionally, the 12 court cards are the 12 months of the year. This is a very interesting and possible theory.

Vegas Discards Cards

Of course, Vegas changes its cards often. The amazing fact isn’t changing the card, but the frequency with which they open a new deck of cards. In Las Vegas, a deck of cards can last 12 hours before it’s sold or discarded. A deck of cards can be kept in play only if the table isn’t busy, and whether a card is being shuffled by hand or with a machine is also a determining factor. A deck of cards can last as long as an hour on a busy day.

The Origination of Cards is a Mystery

The first deck of cards was invented in a surprising location. Looking at the card, you would probably think it was created in Rome or Egypt.


Scholars agree that the first deck of cards originated in China in the 9th century. They are also believed to have come in the 32-card domino form. The card then moved into India, Persia and the rest of the world.

Casino Cards Are a Bit Different

Casino cards aren’t supposed to display imperfections, as they might give away winnings to sharp-eyed players. Therefore casino cards have some security measures in place. They have larger symbols and characters to ensure suspicious activities are caught on camera. The cards in a casino also have a different feel because they are made of plastic. This allows for more card handling for games such as poker. A dealer also can’t just reshuffle; a pit boss must sign them off.

Some Cards Have 16th Century Royals

The King of Diamonds is believed to be Julius Caesar, the King of Clubs is Alexander the Great, the Queen of Spades is the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena, and the Jack of Clubs is Lancelot du Lac. The inspiration for the card comes from some of the greatest; a close look will reveal that.

The US Has the Most Famous Deck

The Bicycle Cards brand is believed to be the most famous, but this is also a matter of what you’ve heard. Their fame is dubbed to their history of being used to help American prisoners escape during World War II.


They can also be found in the Vietnam War, as it was believed that American soldiers used the Ace of Spades to scare away superstitions.

The Oldest and Rarest Deck is in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York holds the oldest and most unique deck of cards. The deck is believed to have been bought by a collector in the 1970s, and then he sold them to the museum later. Several institutions also hold other classic decks. One deck is known to be at Yale University, and another rare and old one can be found in Istanbul at the Topkapi Museum.

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