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Gravity Sketch, an innovative design platform for virtual reality, announced that it has secured $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures).

With this funding, Gravity Sketch aims to transform how people design in virtual space. This money will be used to expand Gravity Sketch’s reach, incorporate more features, and ultimately become the global leader in design and engineering.

What is a Gravity Sketch?

Gravity Sketch is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) 3D design platform that enables creative professionals from various industries to quickly create content in immersive environments. Using the intuitive tools, users can sketch in virtual or augmented reality and output their creations with animation and 3D printing capabilities. The company was founded in 2016 to create a platform that can make 3D modeling easier, faster, and more accessible to everyone.

In 2021, Gravity Sketch secured $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures), adding to their existing investments of an undisclosed amount from Initialized Capital, Focus 4, and EQT Ventures. This investment will help Gravity Sketch continue developing its product capabilities across various industries including industrial design, automotive design, architecture, toy design and digital artistry. With this latest round of funding they aim to expand their portfolio of software-enabled products crossing VR/AR experiences with physical production technologies.

Overview of Gravity Sketch’s features

Gravity Sketch is a powerful virtual reality (VR) 3D design tool that provides an intuitive and immersive way to bring ideas to life. Users can create high-quality 3D models quickly and easily by integrating intuitive tools into the creative process. With its user-friendly interface, Gravity Sketch makes sculpting and designing easier.

Gravity Sketch integrates various features, making it easy for professionals, artists, and students to create stunning 3D designs. From its intuitive dashboard interface to its diverse selection of tools, Gravity Sketch allows users to rapidly achieve their desired results with minimal effort. Some key features that are available include a comprehensive set of brushes for freehand painting, an array of basic primitives for modeling objects from scratch, an unrivaled texture library for adding texture and detail quickly, support for multiple levels of undo operations if mistakes are made during the design process, and much more.

Furthermore, Gravity Sketch also offers real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing users in different locations to collaborate in real-time as they work on their designs together. This means that designers no longer have to be in the same physical space to collaborate on projects because all team members can view changes made by any other user in real-time. This feature was further improved recently when the company secured $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures).

Gravity Sketch secures $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures)

Gravity Sketch, a 3D design software start-up, recently secured a $33M funding from GV (formerly Google Ventures). This is the company’s first outside investment which will help them accelerate the development and adoption of their product.

Let’s take a closer look at the funding secured by Gravity Sketch and how it will help support their business.

Gravity Sketch Secures $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures)

Gravity Sketch, the 3D illustration and collaboration platform, has announced the completion of a $33 million round of financing from GV (formerly Google Ventures).

The investment, which will help fuel the company’s continued product development and international growth, was led by GV along with participation from Gauss Ventures, Merian Chrysalis Investment Company Ltd. and angel investor Bill Payne. Existing investors AlbionVC and Cloud Apps Capital Partners also joined the round.

With this new capital injection and strategic partnership with GV, Gravity Sketch intends to build on its momentum as a leading 3D platform for creative professionals. The company has seen significant adoption on its mission to improve design workflows in automotive design, consumer product design, architecture and engineering industries.

The funding is also intended to help accelerate international expansion plans for Gravity Sketch’s team collaborating solution, enabling remote teams to work together on large-scale projects while maintaining professional-grade quality standards.

The platform includes Gravity Brush technology developed specifically for advanced vector sketching capabilities within 3D digital spaces; unique 3D shapes that can be quickly generated directly in VR/AR; real-time presence collaboration that allows all participants in a Virtual Reality space to connect through their avatar cameras; realistic multi-sensory haptics based on motion capture systems; texture reading system which translates physical textures into digital models; advanced AI suggest features designed to assist users with composition accuracy.

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Details of the Investment

Gravity Sketch has just announced that it has secured $33M in investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures). The investment sets a benchmark for the creative tech industry, with the Gravity Sketch platform offering its technology to make virtual reality work accessible in design and engineering.

The funding is meant to support the growth and scaling of Gravity Sketch’s existing products and launch new ones. With this funding, the company aims to facilitate collaboration between designers and engineers in different industries including transportation, product design, animation, architecture, and more.

Gravity Sketch allows users to create 3D designs using simple hand movements. This motion-capture technology makes virtual reality more accessible than ever by allowing all kinds of professionals to easily create interactive 3D models for their concepts or for sharing with others. Professional software packages are no longer needed since easy-to-use applications exist through a single application – the Gravity Sketch platform.

The team behind Gravity Sketch is determined to spearhead innovation within design and engineering by making powerful tools more accessible than ever through virtual reality workflows. This large injection of capital from GV will help them do just that as they continue building their ecosystem of apps that meet customer demands and help with global challenges like climate change or helping remote teams collaborate easier on different projects.

Use Cases

Gravity Sketch is the latest innovation in 3D design software. It specializes in creating 3D designs quickly and easily, providing users with an intuitive and creative design experience recently attracting attention from GV (formerly Google Ventures) who recently invested a $33M funding round.

In this post, let’s look at the use cases of Gravity Sketch and explore how it can be used to create amazing 3D designs.

Use Case for Industrial Designers

Gravity Sketch, the London-based immersive 3D design tool, has raised $33 million from GV (formerly Google Ventures), alongside existing and new investors. This latest financing round will be used to develop and expand Gravity Sketch, the world’s first virtual reality (VR) platform for industrial designers.

With Gravity Sketch, industrial designers can create 3D designs rapidly and easily more naturally than ever before. Industrial designers can use Gravity Sketch to create sketches in real time, allowing them to quickly explore ideas, adjust proportions and iterate concepts effortlessly.

With Gravity Sketch, they can start with a sketch in 2D flat space and then quickly switch to 3D to gain extra insight into their design insights. Additionally, they can import existing 2D sketches or photographs into their workspace and begin working with these reference images immediately.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for industrial designers to get up and running quickly without previous experience in 3D modeling software. Gravity Sketch allows industrial designers to manipulate elements directly within VR using natural gestures instantly translated into smooth edges or curves. Not only does this make designing faster and easier, it also helps reduce design errors as mistakes can be corrected during the iterative process instead of after the fact when mistakes could be costly or even irreversible if not caught early on before prototype production begins.

This intuitive tool is also useful for non-designers interested in creating quick renderings for product concept presentations or exploring ideas more organically instead of relying exclusively on traditional CAD tools which may require coding expertise that many people lack – allowing your company to be more efficient from the framework up!

Use Case for Architects

Architects use Gravity Sketch to quickly and effectively bridge the gap between hand drawn designs and CAD model functionality. From initial design ideation through to detailed technical drawings, Gravity Sketch enables users to capture organic shapes and make native edits before moving on to further refinements with existing tools within their workflow.

With a suite of sketching and sculpting tools, Gravity Sketch helps architects quickly capture creative ideas into powerful digital content for further iteration. It enables users to create conceptual design studies for complex geometrical structures and make traditional hand-drawn floor plans, area studies, elevations, perspectives, etc.

In addition, with its intuitive workflow layout modernizing how architects digitally present their projects; designs created are exportable in real-time into industry standard software including AutoCAD, Rhino and Revit providing full editorial control of every facet of the project. This allows teams from different disciplines to collaborate more effectively by sharing task requirements into respective software toolkits while maintaining a single source of truth throughout the project lifecycle.

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Use Case for Automotive Designers

Gravity Sketch enables automotive designers to significantly reduce their product design cycle by creating 3D models in real-time that can be interactively adjusted and explored. It offers an intuitive, immersive experience where users can explore ideas confidently, as well as a powerful set of tools that can produce finer detail or texture into their designs. In addition, its workflow drastically reduces time while giving designers control over form and detail.

The Gravity Sketch platform supports a wide range of applications, from designing physical objects for physical production, such as automotive parts, to designing virtual objects for virtual reality (VR) experiences and games. For example, with its ability to intuitively navigate complex 3D spaces, Gravity Sketch enables automotive designers to quickly capture creative decisions without losing control over them in the process. This allows them to bring ideas on cars into reality much faster than ever before.

We can particularly see this use case for automotive designers in GV’s investment of $33M that was made recently to be used toward furthering the development and adoption of Gravity Sketch.


Gravity Sketch, the 3D design and creative collaboration platform, recently closed a $33M round of funding from GV (formerly Google Ventures). This round of funding will support Gravity Sketch in developing new features and integrations to bring immersive 3D design to millions of users.

Let’s explore some of the advantages of Gravity Sketch.

Increased Efficiency

Gravity Sketch is a groundbreaking online 3D design software that promises to revolutionize and streamline the architectural and engineering design process. Using state-of-the-art technology, this software provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy and fast for users to create stunningly realistic 3D models in minutes. It eliminates spending hours on mundane tasks such as drawing blueprints or manually adjusting angles.

This increased efficiency gives users more time and resources to create innovative solutions that embody excellence in craftsmanship and functionality. Additionally, Gravity Sketch is a collaborative platform enabling multiple users to work together in real time from any location, making project management and overall coordination easier.

With its latest $33M investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Gravity Sketch stands poised to become the go-to solution for every company looking to integrate technology into their creative workflow.

Improved Collaboration

Gravity Sketch’s new funding from GV (formerly Google Ventures) will enable the company to focus on improving collaboration across different platforms. In addition, the company is committed to augmenting its technology to revolutionize how teams work together in the creative process of 3D design. With improved collaboration, Gravity Sketch enables faster creation and better communication between creatives, designers, and engineers giving them access to a powerful tool-set that allows them to rapidly iterate and polish their designs. The technology is also well suited for automotive, aerospace, product design, industrial design, consumer goods manufacturing and entertainment industries.

Gravity Sketch’s intuitive interface and powerful features increase efficiency in 3D design, allowing technicians and engineers greater flexibility in developing models by making collaboration easier and creating life-like animations with their designs. Additionally, designers can now easily share their work thanks to the platform’s sharing capabilities across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, ensuring creators have access wherever they need it for maximum productivity.

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Enhanced Creativity

Gravity Sketch is a powerful 3D design tool that supports conceptual design through intuitive user experiences. It allows users to instantly create sophisticated objects such as furniture, future automotive designs and more, without relying on complex software. With its three-dimensional drawing capabilities, Gravity Sketch enables users to easily imagine and create anything they can dream of.

By utilizing various tools such as its innovative gadgets and autocompletion constructors, Gravity Sketch helps spark creative ideas into tangible form, providing an enhanced creative experience in 3D design. Its advanced tools also allow content creators to intuitively create new and innovative products using tools that didn’t exist before.

By bridging the gap between traditional sketching techniques and modern digital spaces, Gravity Sketch aims to revolutionize the way designers conceive and visualize their ideas by enabling creatives to take their visions from concept to reality in no time flat.


Gravity Sketch’s $33M from GV (formerly Google Ventures) shows that the technology is gaining traction in the investment community. This is a major accomplishment for Gravity Sketch, as it shows that investors have confidence in the product’s potential.

This article will explore the implications of the Gravity Sketch’s $33M funding round and what it means for the future.

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