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Gravity Sketch is a groundbreaking 3D design platform that allows users to easily design, collaborate, and produce 3D objects. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Gravity Sketch enables designers to create professional-quality digital concepts quickly and easily.

This article will explore the features and benefits of using Gravity Sketch. We will discuss how it can help designers streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and produce higher-quality results.

What is a Gravity Sketch?

Gravity Sketch is a revolutionary 3D modeling platform designed to streamline the design process for professionals. It provides a suite of tools to capture and manipulate organic shapes, giving engineers, designers, artists and more the power to create in 3D quickly and accurately.

With advanced tools for creating beautiful shapes and forms quickly and accurately, Gravity Sketch has become a leading digital drawing software used by industrial designers, architectural firms, prototyping shops, automotive companies and more. With its professional-grade adjustment capabilities, users can unleash their creativity while knowing they can trust their designs’ output.

At its core, Gravity Sketch’s design process consists of first capturing an idea with quick sketches or 3D imported reference models; then using manipulation tools designed for industrial designers such as bezier curves and boolean operations to refine the idea into a fully realized form; lastly being able to export the finalized 3D model into your favorite CAD software for further refinement. Working in parallel between the intuitive interface of Gravity Sketch on one side and your existing engineering software on the other minimizes delays by ensuring that you don’t sacrifice one workflow from another – allowing maximum collaboration between teams.

Whether it’s redlining shapes or quickly generating prototypes from scratch – Gravity Sketch’s user-friendly point-and-click interface allows everyone involved in product development to quickly come up with ideas while jumping conveniently back inside their current software pipeline when needed – efficiently doubling any team’s productivity when dealing with either aesthetic design or engineering processes alike.

What does Gravity Sketch do?

Gravity Sketch is a platform that provides an intuitive way to design, collaborate, and produce 3D objects. It is the world’s first 3D sketching experience that allows users to create with their hands in virtual reality (VR). In addition, users can create with various tools such as sculpting, shaping and texturing.

The platform provides features that simplify designing, collaborating, and producing 3D objects. In addition, it simplifies complex CAD tool sets with its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use modeling tools. With its intuitive user interface and advanced modeling options, Gravity Sketch has automated the traditionally laborious and time consuming process of creating professional quality 3D designs.

Using Gravity Sketch’s cloud-enabled project management capabilities, users can access their projects anywhere in the world from any device or operating system. Users can save their work in unlimited folders and share up to 1GB of projects simultaneously via a simple URL link or QR code generated by the software. Additionally, Gravity Sketch offers users real-time feedback while designing in VR to ensure their design fits specific project requirements.

Moreover, the platform uses AI algorithms that help greatly reduce design iteration cycles by automatically generating several types of guides including rulers for linear forms which help maintain overall proportionality models when working with organic shapes for more realistic creations without having to manually measure each element per frame every time you switch from one model to another.

In 2020, Gravity Sketch drew $33M investment from investors including Intel Capital to support its technology development and market presence.

Gravity Sketch draws $33M for a platform to design, collaborate on and produce 3D objects

Gravity Sketch draws $33M for a platform to design, collaborate, and produce 3D objects. This platform offers many features that make it popular among designers, engineers, and 3D artists. Gravity Sketch has everything from intuitive user interface to 3D texturing, from cloud-based collaboration to creating objects from pictures.

In this article, we’ll provide an indepth look at all the features and benefits of the Gravity Sketch platform.

3D Modeling

Gravity Sketch 3D modeling tools provide the power and flexibility to create stunning digital models for various applications. The platform’s intuitive UX and ability to streamline traditional design processes are two reasons Gravity Sketch stands out as a leading solution in the 3D industry.

The Gravity Sketch 3D modeling suite offers rich features that make it ideal for professionals in all fields. Whether you’re an artist, engineer, designer, or architect, Gravity Sketch provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly manipulate shapes, draw 3D objects with precision and control them in real time.

The advanced gesture-based interaction feature makes the intuitive manipulation of shapes and objects possible. With its ease of use and laser precision capabilities, you can quickly turn even the most ambitious sketches into reality with minimal effort. Additionally, shared collaboration features enable teams to create high fidelity visuals remotely from any device in real time. Plus with virtually limitless scene depth you can easily change your perspective or add new elements on-the-fly.

To ensure your 3D models stay up-to-date Makers have access to powerful tools for viewing model stats, configuring properties and tracking revisions – helping engineering teams stay coordinated even when collaborating from separate locations worldwide.

Known for its innovation solutions that focus on speed and precision combined with intuitive workflow capabilities – Gravity Sketch provides an innovative platform designers need across all industries where creativity meets technology.

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Virtual Reality

Gravity Sketch is an immersive 3D design tool that harnesses the power of virtual reality to bring a natural and intuitive way to create 3D designs. By leveraging the same physics engine used in today’s advanced video games, Gravity Sketch produces realistic results regardless of the complexity of the design. It also gives users various tools to quickly add color and texture, adjust settings, and modify or edit their models in real-time.

Gravity Sketch is changing the way professionals and enthusiasts think about 3D design by increasing work efficiency with its simple-to-use VR interface and access to an extensive library which contains pre-built 3D elements that can be used within projects. Its design layers let you precisely trace over traditional two-dimensional drawings or photographs and customize objects with a range of dedicated sculpting tools including organic shapes and particles made possible with physics-driven dynamics.

Gravity Sketch allows for unique collaboration between remote users who can directly participate in designing, model building, and editing projects all within one environment seamlessly sharing their progress between multiple devices from any location at any time. As you move around the virtual environment, your physical movements are accurately replicated by realistic “3D hand puppeteering” technology which enables collaborative workshops to engage larger teams over distances.


Gravity Sketch was designed with collaboration in mind, allowing professionals to work on projects as a team, no matter where they are. The gravity sketch platform enables users to design, collaborate and produce 3D objects within one virtual space, facilitating speed and agility of collaborative working.

Users can create a project that multiple people can work on simultaneously, making collaboration on complex 3D designs a breeze. With features like shared layers, importing static parts into a dynamic scene and unlimited co-editing users’ ideas can be brought to fruition quickly and efficiently.

The platform helps teams stay connected through real-time client sync, improving communication. It also allows for annotation sharing and viewing – giving teams clear instructions or quick feedback over any changes. Our secure proxy user stories enable collaboration so that external partners or clients can view and present designs without compromising security or sensitive company data. With a powerful review system, project reviews are made faster and smoother than ever, enabling teams to progress faster towards creating something great together.

Designing in 3D

Gravity Sketch provides a powerful 3D design solution for professional creators and engineers. The platform allows users to easily create, collaborate, and produce 3D objects from their device of choice. Gravity Sketch offers unparalleled precise control to ensure that the most complex designs can be accurately modeled. It enables professionals to work with industry-standard tools, including voxels and nurbs curves, while leveraging an intuitive user interface that requires no prior training or design skills. With Gravity Sketch’s features, users can rapidly prototype models in three-dimensions in real time.

Gravity Sketch also offers access to 3D interactive tools, such as scene lighting and rendering, which enable visualization of detailed models without needing external software. The tool also allows users to take advantage of full color texture mapping capabilities in modern video game engines and virtual reality render pipelines – adding realism and clarity that no other 3D design software currently offers.

The platform provides true fidelity for designs created on mobile devices or within existing CAD programs such as Fusion 360 and Maya LT/Maya PRO. Furthermore, Gravity Sketch enables multi-platform collaboration with support for live remote comment threads and audio chat sessions designed to facilitate efficient feedback sharing between designers from different locations.

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Gravity Sketch is a revolutionary platform that allows designers to easily create, collaborate, and produce 3D objects. It’s incredibly easy to use and provides a range of benefits for beginners and professionals.

This article will discuss the benefits of using Gravity Sketch, such as quickly creating and modifying designs, getting feedback from colleagues, and producing 3D objects with a wide range of materials. We’ll also explore the features that make Gravity Sketch an attractive option for 3D designers.

Easy to Use

Gravity Sketch makes 3D design and collaboration simpler and faster than ever. Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly create 3D content naturally and intuitively.

With dedicated tools like the editing palette which includes easy-to-use features like snapping, tapering, scaling, distortion, sculpting and more, the design process has never been easier.

Gravity Sketch is also built around the concept of making collaboration easier; with split-screen capabilities where multiple editors can work on the same project simultaneously, it is easier than ever to collaborate on complex 3D designs.

Furthermore, with its integration into other software tools like Adobe’s Creative Suite, CAD programs and more, Gravity Sketch is ideal for any size team or company working with 3D content.


Gravity Sketch’s product enabling effective and cost-efficient 3D design, collaboration and production makes it an appealing and profitable choice for customers. It reduces costs by drastically reducing the time designers and engineers spend on prototyping by providing a digital platform that can be used to quickly explore ideas, collaborate and produce 3D models.

This can be especially useful in the manufacturing industry, where costly changes can be easily avoided during the early stages of product development. Additionally, Gravity Sketch’s sharing capabilities allows customers to collaborate effectively with their colleagues from anywhere in the world in real-time from any device — further reducing cost incurred from long travel distances for face-to-face meetups.

With these time and money savings, businesses can use Gravity Sketch to gain a competitive advantage without investing in expensive software or hardware.

Increased Efficiency

Gravity Sketch offers a powerful platform enabling users to quickly and efficiently design, collaborate, and produce 3D objects. The unique design tools available on the platform incorporate elements of 3D sketching, sculpting and 3D modeling, allowing users to more easily develop complex objects from their sketches. This reduces the time consuming process traditional designers experience when developing a product they have conceived.

Furthermore, Gravity Sketch’s intuitive user interface ensures that designers can design quickly and accurately without having to learn complex software programs or take lengthy tutorials which can easily consume several hours.

By incorporating features such as layer-based editing, drag-and-drop models, edge smoothing tools, precision scaling tools and automated tessellation optimization—all available inside the simplified Gravity Sketch dashboard—the platform allows for increased efficiency without sacrificing on results. Additionally, its high resolution mode supports up to 4K output for exceptionally detailed content creation. As a result of these impressive features, teams gain valuable time through efficient collaboration processes while still achieving top quality designs

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Improved Collaboration

Gravity Sketch’s innovative 3D content software platform enables real-time collaboration and makes it easy for teams to design 3D objects that can be produced in real life. By allowing users to draw, collaborate, present and refine designs in the same space, Gravity Sketch helps designers faster and easier to create more robust 3D designs. This takes the complexity out of traditional methods of working out a design after-the-fact and speeds up the overall process.

Gravity Sketch’s interface allows you to move around in a multi-dimensional environment with intuitive tools, such as zoom, panning, rotational perspective changes and sketching on multiple layers. The software lets users draw directly into a 3D object or model for a true physical feel without using an external pen or other peripheral device. Additionally, the software is designed so that feedback can be easily provided during the design process using notes from participants or written comments from stakeholders which helps team members identify potential mistakes or make refinements before production begins.

The platform also offers collaborative streaming from any device connected within its network and an “immersive mode” feature that turns any device within its environment into an “immersive view”. This allows stakeholders (owners/managers) deep visibility into what’s being designed and what results are being achieved while providing project managers more control over their design processes. Overall, Gravity Sketch’s improved collaboration tools lead to better designs faster with closer partnering between decision makers and teams alike.


In conclusion, Gravity Sketch is a revolutionary platform for designing, collaborating on, and producing 3D objects that has recently gained popularity. Its ability to capture objects from physical drawings increases the potential uses for 3D models. Furthermore, its real-time collaboration options make it a suitable tool for creating alone or with partners. The platform also offers functionality that allows users to produce their actual 3D objects with the help of a compatible 3D printer.

Overall, Gravity Sketch is an advanced 3D design platform that is an excellent tool for individual projects and collaborations between multiple people. Its attractive feature set and ease of use make it well worth exploring if you are looking for a platform to design and produce professional-quality 3D models quickly and efficiently.

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