Hitting the jackpot or winning big in online or on-site casinos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, everyone has the chance of winning such prizes, but it’s very slim. That is why you cannot blame them if they become teary and overreact, as gaining such a tremendous amount of money in just a snap can be a life-changing factor. 

Many high rollers have won such big prizes, especially in virtual casinos. However, when the pandemic struck, all on-site casinos were closed, and the rise of online casinos started. It then became a trend, and multiple gamblers worldwide started streaming their games online, sharing their victories with their viewers.

To taste their victories, here are the top biggest wins by online streamers in virtual casinos across the globe. So, without further adieu, let’s get going!


The first streamer on the list is Tyler Niknam, known as Trainswreckstv. He is a famous streamer on Twitch known for playing online games such as World of Warcraft, Halo, and Call of Duty during his early years. However, as time passed, he converted to playing online casinos, where his viewers enjoyed watching him bet high stakes for slot games. With sponsorships, he can do this betting with ease and continue entertaining his fans.

Apart from streaming on Twitch, he is also famous on other media such as Instagram and Youtube, where he posts videos connected to his streams or gambling. Recently, he hit a massive win on playing Wanted Dead or Alive Slots. During one of his streams, the unthinkable happened. Trainwreckstv was in disbelief as he hit an epic reward of $13.95 million in his stream.

You can see on his stream how shocked he was with his friends. He always said in his stream that he has been losing much more lately. But, despite all of his losses, he still didn’t give up and continued to play. Remember, everyone has their chance to win the biggest Online jackpot real money they can, just don’t lose hope, and you’ll eventually win.

Adin Ross

Next on the list is Adin Ross. He is a famous Twitch streamer who streams games like Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2k games. During his early years, he wasn’t that famous. His rise to popularity began when he played a bet with Lebron James’s son in NBA 2k. After that, he collaborated with multiple celebrity rappers messing around with the stream to entertain viewers.

In 2022, Adin streamed online casino games again after starting last year. He primarily focuses on playing online blackjack and played again with decent gambling money to start. However, as he continued to play blackjack in his stream, he won a total of $1.1 million. 

Imagine starting with small bank money and being able to convert it to bigger numbers is a significant achievement by gamblers. After hitting a big win in blackjack, Adin Ross immediately stopped playing as he didn’t want to risk losing. 


The third on the list is XQC, another famous Twitch streamer and a former professional Overwatch player. He streams various content like reacting to other videos and playing games like Minecraft, CSGO and many more to keep his viewers entertained. As he continued streaming online, he became part of Luminosity Gaming’s content creators.

For the past few months, XQC has had an interest in gambling. He then started a sponsored stream where he played a famous virtual slot machine game called Joker Troupe. With a wager of $400, a miracle happens where he instantly wins $2.5 million. It then broke the internet as it became a world record for the biggest win in the game. 


The fourth streamer on the list is the Swedish streamer Roshtein. He focuses on Twitch, with over 860,000 followers playing online slot games. He became famous for being a high roller in slots, and his wild persona makes his stream more entertaining for viewers. 

In 2021, he was playing Fruit Party. It is a famous game by Pragmatic Play, a seven-by-seven virtual slot machine. Since he is known to be a high-risk, high-reward type of gambler, he went for the $100 bet per spin to win the game’s maximum payout. After ten free spins, he won the same amount to the max payout of the game, making it a world record.


Lastly is AndyPyro, a famous Twitch streamer who plays multiple genres of games. Although he was a former professional PUBG player, he became a full streamer on Twitch after earning some money.

During one of his streams, he started playing Fire in the Hole online slots. With a few runs on the machine, he could collect €240,000 where multipliers and values kept hitting the grid, making it a worthwhile win for the streamer.

Final Thoughts

Winning is everything in an online casino, and these streamers are one of those people who got fortunate in their game and pulled off the unthinkable. Hitting jackpots is not a skill you’ll earn. It rarely happens to any gamblers across the globe. But, that’s what makes winning jackpots in a casino essential. It can be anyone, and whoever wins it will change their lives.


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