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Typeform, a Barcelona-based survey and forms software provider, recently announced it had raised $135M in a Series C funding round led by General Atlantic. Typeform intends to use this latest round of funding to further expand its product offering and continue to grow its presence in the marketing automation sector. The company’s ambition is to be a “one stop shop for marketers” and provide them with an easy-to-use, powerful platform for collecting customer data, capturing leads, engaging audiences via surveys and forms, tracking conversions across channels and automating campaigns.

The strategic move highlights Typeform’s mission to become the go-to solution for marketers looking for an effective way to connect with prospects and customers at scale. With an investment of over $200 million since inception, the platform has become one of the most comprehensive tools on the market, boasting features including data capture & analysis; marketing automation; automated email sequences; surveys & feedbacks; insights & reporting; and more.

In addition, with this latest infusion of capital, Typeform expects to triple its customer base by 2021.


Typeform, a Barcelona-based online form and survey builder, recently announced that it has raised $135 million in a Series C funding round led by General Atlantic. This funding will expand its marketing efforts and build relationships with more marketers.

This article will explore Typeform’s marketing strategy and what it means for the company’s future.

Typeform’s History

Typeform was launched in Barcelona in 2012 as a way for companies to create easier-to-use online forms. The company quickly attracted millions of users, launching several products over the years, including survey-building software, interactive competitions and quizzes, and customer feedback gathering tools. Today, Typeform has more than 1 million businesses and over 30 million used forms published around the globe.

In 2017 Typeform unveiled a new strategy to move into the marketing automation space and announced their first acquisition – Conversation Piece – an artificial intelligence platform that enables marketers to engage in real-time conversations with their customers. Additionally, in 2017, Typeform announced that it had raised $35M in Series B funding round led by General Atlantic.

In 2019 Typeform raised $35M additional funding in a Series C round led by Mangrove Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs Growth Equity (GS Growth), bringing its total funding up to $135M. The funding will further expand its offering and boost its marketing efforts; this includes expanding the product lineup from surveys and forms to webinar hosting and dynamic content creation tools designed for marketers.

Typeform’s Growth

Typeform, a Barcelona-based software company focused on building conversational forms and surveys, has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2012. Before taking their $135M Series C funding in 2019, they had raised $24M in venture capital investments.

Through this round of funding, Typeform expanded its product offering with the acquisition of JotForm Inc., a popular online form builder based in San Francisco. This was just one of the investments Typeform made to grow its user base by targeting more marketers and entrepreneurs. In addition, Typeform used its funding to invest further into research and development projects that aim to make it easier for users to build engaging forms and surveys from pre-made templates or by using the company’s advanced ‘Do It YourSelf’ feature.

It is clear from these investments that Typeform is dedicated to creating solutions tailored for marketers and entrepreneurs who are looking for an easier way to collect customer data, create beautiful survey designs, and fuel meaningful conversations with their customers. With their Series C funding secured and several new product launches to expand their reach further into the business sector, it will be exciting to see how far Typeform can grow over the coming years.

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Typeform’s Marketing Strategy

Typeform recently raised $135M to cater to more marketing customers and make its service more accessible for marketers.

The marketing world has changed drastically over the years, and Typeform has taken innovative steps to stay abreast of the changing trends.

In this article, we will look at Typeform’s marketing strategy and how it has been effective in helping them reach more customers.

Focus on User Experience

Typeform, an innovative software company revolutionizing how companies create data-driven customer surveys and forms, has taken $135 million to focus part of its marketing strategy on user experience. User experience is a critical aspect of marketing, as all types of customer engagement depend on it. Typeform understands this and wants to implement more customer-centric solutions for their users.

The company plans to roll out new tools, templates and analytics to simplify the process for creating custom forms and surveys for marketers to gather insights about their target market. It also plans to launch several ways in which users can interact with their data, allowing them to gain valuable insights from the information they collect. Additionally, they are working on making it easier to manage multiple forms simultaneously through collaboration features that allow teams to work together in real time.

Typeform has long been known for its intuitive interface and easy-to-use form builder that allows anyone – whether a seasoned marketer or a novice –to create beautiful custom forms quickly while getting detailed insights into how people interact with them. With this new capital backing them now, the company appears set to develop their solutions further to ensure their customers have access to the most innovative user experience possible.


Typeform takes a digital-first approach to personalization, and the company has developed proprietary technology to make message targeting and customer segmentation easier for marketers worldwide. Its flagship product, Typeform Surveys, allows customers to instantly create surveys in an engaging, modern way with personalized questions, personalized outputs and more.

This technology has enabled Typeform to develop enhanced segmentation capabilities, which can be used to target specific customer segments with tailored messages. Additionally, Typeform’s advanced search functionality enables marketers to target certain demographics more precisely. By taking a more targeted approach in marketing campaigns and leveraging advanced search capabilities, Typeform can help businesses maximize their impact on their bottom line.

In addition, Typeform can also collect detailed customer feedback that enables companies to fine-tune their messages much more quickly and easily than traditional methods like surveys or focus groups. The company’s holistic digital-first strategy helps businesses improve their messaging, optimize their lead generation efforts, and identify opportunities for collaboration within or between teams.

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Leveraging Network Effects

Typeform’s strategy leverages network effects to differentiate itself in a crowded market. Network effects refer to the phenomenon when the value of a product or service increases as more people use it. Typeform capitalizes on this concept by approaching marketing holistically — creating experiences targeted at all customer touchpoints. This includes engagement before and after purchase, such as surveys and questionnaires, feedback loops, and analytics tools.

Typeform’s extensive customer data allows it to tailor marketing tools based on customer preferences and previous experiences. By understanding customer behavior through intricate segmentation, Typeform can identify trends in tone of voice, UX design, and even targetless marketing campaigns.

Typeform capitalizes on the fact that many marketers are overwhelmed by disconnected silos such as email marketing and CRM software. By offering an integrated platform for all customer engagement activities, Typeform can provide a comprehensive suite of powerful tools for growth-minded marketers without additional overhead costs or complexity for them or their teams. In addition, through leveraging network effects, Typeform is better equipped to create dynamic experiences tailored to individual customers — enabling them to build a loyal following among businesses from all industries worldwide.

Typeform takes $135M to tickle more marketers

Typeform, a Barcelona-based startup, recently announced a $135M investment, the largest early-stage investment ever raised in the history of Spain.

Typeform is taking the investment to help accelerate their mission to bring the power of conversational interfaces to more marketers across the world.

Let’s look at how Typeform is leveraging this investment and how it will benefit marketers.

Series D Funding Round

In a landmark Series D funding round, Spanish tech company Typeform announced it had secured $135 million. This latest investment round is the largest yet for a technology firm based in Barcelona. General Atlantic and Accel led the funding, with existing investors Point Nine Capital, RTP Global and Local Globe also participating.

As part of the Series D game changing round, Typeform has added General Atlantic’s Executive Director Steven Hirschfield to its Board of Directors. The Barcelona-headquartered company is on track to become one of Europe’s highest valued SaaS players with more than 1.5 million customers using its platform every month globally.

Typeform plans to use the current investment to accelerate growth through sales and marketing initiatives in key markets worldwide and expand horizontally and vertically into new categories like conversational interfaces that combine artificial intelligence (AI) with natural language processing (NLP). In addition, Typeform will further invest in product research & development to add features such as integrations into insights measurement tools and product customization options for end-users. Finally, Typeform will add additional talent across engineering, design, sales & marketing to fuel domestically and internationally expansion plans.

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How Typeform Plans to Use the Funds

Typeform is a software company based in Barcelona, Spain, that provides conversational data collection tools for businesses. In March 2021, the company announced that it had raised $135 million in Series D funding led by General Atlantic.

The new funding will grow the team and expand Typeform’s products, including its marketing automation suite and customer experience platform (CX). The company also hopes to strengthen its relationship with partners worldwide, like Zapier and HubSpot.

Andreu Vilamitjana, CEO of Typeform, stated, “this investment will help [us] create deeper integrations and new use cases for our customers inside the workplace or on the go. We want to expand our offerings to cloud providers and further open up our platform with APIs”.

Typeform plans to use the funds to continue innovating around analytics and customer insights, investing in user experience design and creating more brand customizations. This would further bolster their ability to assist their clients in driving growth through tailored customer surveys, questionnaires and NPS rating systems.

Overall, this latest injection of capital will enable Typeform to take its existing tools one step further by allowing marketers access to enhanced insights from conversations across multiple channels that are deeply integrated into companies’ CX workflows.


San Francisco-based online forms and surveys company Typeform recently announced the closure of its $135 million series D funding round. This comes as Typeform seeks to expand further, bringing its innovative tools to a wider pool of customers and moving into the enterprise segment.

The investment will help expand the team at Typeform that focuses on sales, marketing, customer success and product development. Additionally, Typeform invests in product integrations and develops stronger relationships with software partners. These new funds are sure to provide a strong boost for the company’s ambition.

Typeform has put considerable thought into its current strategy. With an enormous influx of funds to directly support their growth, it looks likely that they will succeed in expanding both domestically and internationally and creating more integrations with other services and applications targeting the marketing space. Of course, only time will tell whether or not this effort produces the desired results for investors and customers alike but the signs are encouraging nonetheless.

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