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Robotics Pioneer Exotec has secured $335M Series D funding to help the company expand its operations and product offerings. This is an important milestone for Exotec that will help the company become a major player in the robotics industry.

This article will examine what Exotec plans to do with the investment and how it will impact the global retail industry.

Robotics Pioneer Exotec Raises $335M Series D to Improve Supply Chain Resilience for Global Retailers

Exotec is a robotics pioneer and technology leader in automated supply chain solutions. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Palaiseau, France, the company provides innovative e-commerce, omnichannel and 3PL service delivery solutions to help customers adapt to current changes, move faster and maintain operations in a supply chain challenged world.

The company’s vision is to provide intelligent robots for delivering intelligence into the cycle of warehouse automation. By automating a series of processes from goods-in to order fulfilment; from storage of spares parts and tools availability to inventory management, Exotec seeks to empower people with smarter tools for a more fluid, accurate and agile supply chain process.

Exotec’s state-of-the-art systems and capabilities are built on research insights from experience in the robotics industry and field visits around the globe. For example, the company’s award winning Skypod solution – an automated box sorter – uses pioneering techniques such as Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create robotic arms that can accurately choose goods. At the same time, they are in motion at commissioning rates much faster than conventional manual pickers. The Skypod technology has been deployed across retailers including Carrefour, Casino Group, Fnac Darty and Geodis Logistics France since 2019.

By investing $335M Series D funds recently received, Exotec plans to expand its warehousing products offering intralogistics solutions tailored specifically for efficient store replenishment while continuing its R&D efforts towards more sophisticated AI technologies such as SLAM (simultaneous localisation & mapping).

Overview of Series D Funding

In February 2021, robotics pioneer Exotec Raised $335M Series D to Improve Supply Chain Resilience for Global Retailers. New investor Future Ventures led the latest funding round with follow-on investments from existing investors IdInvest, Air Liquide, Breega and Bpifrance. This brings total funding raised by the French pioneer in robotic solutions to $465 million since its creation in 2015.

Exotec will use the capital to drive geographic expansion and product innovation globally. The company plans to use the new funding to expand its operations, deepen its services offering and accelerate innovation in robotics technology. This will enable retailers of all sizes – from large enterprises to small businesses – to benefit from automation as they embrace digital transformation.

french exotec 335m goldman 2bsawersventurebeat

Exotec produces collaborative robotic solutions built on advanced patented technologies designed to help businesses overcome operations challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. These include automated warehouses that improve supply chain resilience and logistics hubs that boost customer experiences. Global retailers using Exotec’s robots include system integrators such as Geodis, Ventura Foods and JCPenney Logistics.

Expansion of Operations

Robotics pioneer Exotec has raised a $335 million Series D to expand its operations and product offerings.

This new round of funding will give Exotec the resources to further innovate and develop their robotic solutions to improve supply chain resilience for global retailers.

With this new capital injection, Exotec plans to rapidly expand their operations and product offering, to meet the growing demand in this fast-paced market.

New Markets

Exotec plans to use the new Series D funding to expand its operations and product offering into new markets. The company plans to focus on expanding its mobile robotic solutions and adding 20 regional sites in Europe, the Middle East and Africa this year.

In addition to expanding geographically, Exotec aims to grow its product lineup with innovations such as an improved modular robotic platform based on standard components. The company is also looking at artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that could improve warehouse operations and retail supply chains.

Ultimately, Exotec’s goal is to provide global retailers with better resilience through warehousing automation and ensuring continuity of workflows in the face of operational disruption. The company believes that robots can increase efficiency and provide high-quality service for customers in all five continents in which it currently operates.

Expansion of Product Offering

Exotec, a robotics pioneer dedicated to improving supply chain operations, recently announced that it has raised $335 million in Series D funding, led by SoftBank with participation from existing investors Airbus Ventures and Iris Capital. The company plans to use the new funds to expand its product offering and boost its geographical presence.

Spanning across Europe, North America and Asia, Exotec provides an integrated suite of solutions for retailers that removes manual steps from their warehouses. Its robotic fleet of mobile robots—Skypods®—dramatically increases warehouse productivity by reduction of haul times picking accuracy and uptime.

The Skypods handle a wide range of tasks related to picking automation including: autonomous put-away; zoning; replenishment; selection/order picking and packing. Moving loads on multi-level racks from one location to another or handling multiple orders further limit delivery times significantly reducing customer wait time. Additionally Exotec makes it possible for customers to move faster between different sites types like dark store operations thanks to the interoperable solution they offer at scale across multiple warehouses.

The company also recently released “Skycart ” a mobile robot designed for last mile deliveries. It ensures the pick up doesn’t exceed 15 minutes while it is incredibly robust, easily taking stairs and navigating during nighttime only lit by its headlights. The robot assures secure delivery thanks to autonomous management through an RFID system minimising customer signature steps as well as moving heavy loads on its trailer rig eliminating any potential back tasks while providing visibility throughout the entire delivery process via RFID data collection along with a compact design (only 90cm width) enabling easy navigation inside buildings or urban environment even tight spaces such as elevators for instance without both manual intervention or expensive hardware restructuring in retail stores or college campuses respectively

Exotec plans to use their new funds to continue expanding upon their portfolio, advance engineering efforts, boost research & development teams, broaden international teams & increase their global presence allowing them tackle larger projects entailing greater scalability accepting larger order volumes continuing with solutions focused on sustainability moving towards automated processes whenever feasible regardless of scope reducing operational costs while boosting operational efficiency nonetheless improving performance within global businesses seeking supply chain automation solutions resulting in better inventory accuracy reduced cost process optimization.

french exotec 335m sachs 2bsawersventurebeat

Improved Supply Chain Resilience

Exotec, a robotics pioneer, has announced a $335M Series D fund infusion, which it plans to use for expanding its operations and product offerings, to improve supply chain resilience for global retailers.

The latest round brings the total funding raised to 500M and will fuel the development of Exotec’s smart robots in logistics and warehouses.

This article will examine the funding round’s details and how it could benefit global retailers.

Automation Solutions

Robotics Pioneer Exotec has recently completed a $335M Series D funding round and will use the proceeds to expand its operations and provide automation solutions for global retailers. The company’s innovative robotics platform is designed to improve supply chain resilience and enable warehouses, distribution centres, and companies with retail outlets to operate quickly, safely, and effectively.

Exotec’s robots are designed to maximise efficiency in order fulfilment across all operations. These automated systems allow warehouses and distribution centres to operate at unprecedented accuracy, speed, cost-effectiveness, safety, and consistency levels. By deploying these robots in warehouse environments, businesses can dramatically increase the rate at which orders are filled while also providing a much safer workspace for employees. In addition, the autonomous robots operated by Exotec can step in when pickers or operators are unable or unavailable due to illness or unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather conditions.

Equipped with sensors and specialised visual recognition systems, the robots use advanced algorithms to identify products on shelves more accurately than manual processes would allow for faster fulfilment rates throughout the supply chain process. In addition to increased picking speeds, Exotec’s robots boast improved energy-efficiency levels and enhanced safety conditions for workers due to their versatility in operating across various warehouse layouts.

Overall, Exotec’s automation solutions have greatly improved supply chain resilience among companies operating in the world’s most competitive markets. With its ability to enable seamless integration into warehouses with minimal disruption, this technology has given businesses greater visibility into their logistics processes while minimising operational costs and improving customer service standards worldwide.

Robotics Technology

Robotics technology is becoming increasingly important in improving supply chain resilience for global retailers. Exotec, a robotics pioneer, recently raised $335M Series D to invest in its products and services. This new funding allows Exotec to further develop robotics technology internationally, taking steps towards improving supply chains worldwide.

Some advancements that Exotec seeks to implement include: improved warehouse navigation technology; robot-controlled shelving that can optimise order fulfilment; automated palletizing systems that minimise manual labour; and specialised commands for robots when relocating inventory or managing goods flow. Using smart robotics infrastructure, Exotec seeks to revolutionise how warehouses and storerooms operate, enabling faster and more accurate deliveries and order fulfilment experiences for consumers.

Moreover, the new funding will allow Exotec to join forces with some of the biggest companies in the world – like Amazon, L’Oreal, Carrefour or Siemens – allowing them to capitalise on their capabilities while pushing boundaries with their products. With this strategic alliance set under Exotec’s belt, global retailers can count on safer supply chains than ever before – all thanks to disruptive robotic technology led by this trailblazing company.

Benefits for Global Retailers

With the recent Series D funding of $335M, Robotics Pioneer Exotec plans to use the money to expand operations and product offerings that are expected to improve supply chain resilience for global retailers.

This increased investment in robotics will enable the company to provide innovative solutions to the problems faced by the retail sector globally. This article looks at the benefits global retailers can expect from this increased investment into Exotec’s robotics solutions.

Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency is one of the key benefits global retailers will gain from Exotec’s funding. Through automated systems, retailers can vastly improve their inventory management, supply chain operations, and visibility into their operations. This visibility can help to ensure that the most pressing needs are met quickly and accurately. Automated robotics also provide better accuracy when placing orders for stock or for returns, reducing waste and providing greater efficiency in the operation of supply chains worldwide.

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In addition to improved efficiencies, Exotec’s technology allows for greater transparency within the retail industry. Through digital systems, it is possible to track products from production through delivery, creating a digital path that allows for a much more efficient way of operating businesses. The increased visibility can also help reduce risk by allowing companies to monitor their processes in real-time so they can adjust to account for discrepancies or fluctuations in demand that might occur throughout the day.

Finally, proper use of robotics combined with up-to-date data provides global retailers with increased planning capabilities when managing larger operations accordingly. This helps to prevent overbuying during peak seasons and avoid costly delays when ordering supplies or new products due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, global retailers can boost customer satisfaction levels while saving both time and money more efficiently than ever before thanks to Exotec’s advancements in robotics technology.

Improved Cost Savings

With robotics, global retailers are looking for improved cost savings. Robotics is a powerful tool for helping to reduce the costs associated with labour and material handling throughout the supply chain.

Robotic technology can be used in various ways, from automating manual tasks in warehouses to helping manage inventory levels and assisting on forklifts. Automation can also help optimise staff efficiency, reduce downtime due to equipment failure, and track goods and products throughout their journey.

Robotics can significantly improve global retail operations by driving operational excellence by reducing labour costs, optimising inventory management processes, and reducing waste. Additionally, robotics can help improve customer service as robots provide a consistent performance and accuracy that is difficult for people to maintain over long periods.

By investing in robotic solutions today, global retailers can reap various benefits that will assist with cost savings tomorrow.

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