Gaming clubs “fight” for customers in different ways. One of them – the bonus system. The more incentives offered by the casino, the more interesting it is for players to use its services. The most popular among the bonuses are non-deposit bonuses. These are gifts – free spins, cash, cashback – which are not tied to the replenishment of the account. You can get free bonus slots for registration, verification, participation in a tournament, loyalty program, etc. Read about the nuances of different types of no-deposit bonuses below.

Types of No-deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonus casinos give out for fulfillment of certain conditions. This can be registration, verification, installation of an application, reaching a new level in the loyalty program, etc. Let’s consider the features of each type of bonus.

No Deposit Bonus for Registration

No deposit registration bonus, respectively, is given to newcomers for creating an account. As a rule, the amount of encouragement is not large – up to 100 dollars or up to 20 freespins. An additional condition may be verification of the account. No deposit bonus for registration is not often found in promo casinos. The main purpose of such an incentive is to familiarize the user with the services of the company.

No Deposit Bonus for Installing the Application

Smartphones help clubs to incentivize customers to play through system and push messages. Therefore, venues are keen to move as many users as possible to the app, offering generous bonuses for doing so. For installing a branded casino program, the no-deposit bonus ranges from 5-50 FS.

Android users should look for download files on the gaming clubs’ websites – they are not available on Google Play. But iPhone owners are luckier: official casino applications are available in the AppStore.

No Deposit Bonus Under the Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is designed for active regular customers. The more achievements a player has, the higher his bonus and lower wagering requirements. For moving from level to level you can get no deposit bonuses with free spins, money, cashback.

No Deposit Birthday Bonus

In relation to birthday boys casinos often show special generosity, especially if the client is a regular and shows activity on the site. Some sites even offer a birthday bonus that can be withdrawn immediately. As a gift, you can get freespins (up to 500 pcs.) and money (up to 125 dollars). What makes these bonuses unique is that they don’t always need to be wagering.

No Deposit Phone Confirmation Bonus

Data confirmation is an important step for real money games. Companies give customers freespins and money for confirming the phone number. A common practice is to provide bonuses without wagering. However, as a rule, the size of this gift is small: 5-10 freespins.

No Deposit Bonus for Registration with Withdrawal

Casinos with a no deposit bonus for registration with withdrawal without wagering are not so many. Not all sites are willing to take the risk, as there may be bonus hunters among new players. Among the licensed gaming clubs money for registration with withdrawal without wagering give out only 2-3.

What You Can Get as a No Deposit Bonus

Casinos offer various no deposit bonuses such as free spins, deposit bonuses and cashback. The activation and wagering requirements vary depending on the type of bonus. Let’s take a look at some of the most common options.


Freespins is a bonus that allows users to spin the reels in slots at the casino’s expense. The winnings for successful spins will come to the game or bonus account of the client – it depends on the terms of the promotion.


No-deposit freespins give a chance to win without investment – this is their main advantage. However, in practice, the player’s opportunities are severely curtailed by the amount of bets, wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal amount, etc.

Money to Your Gaming Account

A no deposit bonus in the form of money is a rare incentive. It is a certain amount of money, which depending on the terms of the promotion comes to:

  • Gaming account;
  • Bonus account.

Funds from the bonus account must be transferred to the real account – for this purpose, the rules specify the wagering requirements.

The most common ways to get funds to the account in the form of a no-deposit:

  • By loyalty program;
  • As a birthday present;
  • for winning a tournament;
  • on a promotion with cashback.

Less often casinos offer a sum of money without deposit for registration.


Cashback is a part of the money spent, which is returned to the player’s account after a set period. There are several variants of cashback:

  • 1-10% of the amount of losses;
  • 1-5% of the sum of all bets (rarely);
  • 19.5% of the withdrawal amount (i.e. tax refund).

At times, cashback is provided without wagering. Sometimes gaming clubs set a wager, but it is lower than the standard one and is x1-10.

Conditions for Receiving No Deposit Bonuses

In the casino, a no deposit bonus is not issued just like that. To get it, you need to fulfill certain conditions. As a rule, they are not complicated:

  • Profile verification;
  • activity on the site;
  • installation of a mobile application;
  • attracting a referral to the gaming club;
  • confirming a phone number or email;
  • participation in a tournament, etc.

Features of No-deposit Casino Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus is popular among players. Casinos with its help fuel interest in the game and stimulate to spin the reels in slots (sometimes specific, as in the case of freespins). However, before accepting this or that no deposit bonus, it is important to read the rules and learn its main characteristics.

Time Limits

Most no-deposit bonuses have an activation period and a usage period. The activation period is the time the casino gives for the customer to accept the bonus in the personal account. After that, a counter is started for the time of use – the number of days in which to use the gift. If the player does not make it in time, the encouragement will burn out.


The wager is a coefficient that shows the number of rollovers of the bonus amount during wagering. In the case of freespins, these are the winnings that the player received during the spins.


The higher the wager, the more difficult it is to get funds on the game balance. If you see in the rules of the wager more than x50, then be aware that wagering the bonus will be almost unrealistic, especially in a short period of time.


No deposit bonuses are usually modest in size, especially when it comes to incentives without wagering. The maximum that no-wager players can get is $20 (or 20 FS). As the wagering requirements increase, so does the amount of the gift. However, it is unlikely to get more than 25 dollars or 100 FS. Exceptions – winnings in tournaments or awards for getting a high level in the loyalty program.

How to Withdraw

Licensed casinos can not boast a large list of ways to withdraw funds. Usually you can get money only on a bank card. Offshore sites offer more virtual wallets, cryptocurrencies and electronic payment systems. As a rule, a minimum limit is set for withdrawal – from 2-10 dollars. An important condition for receiving money is account verification. It is desirable to pass it in advance.

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