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Exotec, the robotics pioneer, recently closed a $335 million Series D equity investment that will help the company realise its mission of improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

The global private equity firm Insight Partners led the funding round, with participation from Airbus Ventures, Maj Invest, Network Corporation, and Korelya Capital.

This injection of capital will enable Exotec to accelerate growth and further commit to its mission of providing global retailers with supply chain resilience.

Robotics Pioneer Exotec Raises $335M Series D to Improve Supply Chain Resilience for Global Retailers

Exotec was founded in 2015 by four entrepreneurs with a shared vision to create advanced robotics and automate the global supply chain. The Paris-based startup is now a world leading Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions provider, with offices in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

Exotec’s robotics technology is designed to improve the efficiency of warehousing processes for companies of all sizes and across all industries. By automating goods sorting processes and picking operations, Exotec improves speed and accuracy in warehouse operations that were previously only possible through human labour. By leveraging autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from various partners including Fetch Robotics, KUKA and Honeywell Intelligrated, Exotec’s solutions also help reduce operational costs while increasing productivity.

Exotec’s solutions are used by leading retail companies such as Carrefour, The North Face and decathlon to optimise inventory management processes within their warehouses. Exotec’s latest innovation is SPYBOT—an autonomous mobile robot solution, powered by AI and advanced sensors that enable goods sorting processes at speeds up to three times faster than manual operation.

Having raised approximately €160m ($194m) in funding over five rounds since 2016 – most recently an ambitious €285m ($335M) Series D announcement – will allow Exotec to further develop its robotic solutions to solve present challenges posed by digitalization of warehouses across Europe and beyond.In addition to its global warehouse customers (including Spain, France & Japan), the company has expanded its offering into new verticals, including manufacturing production lines & transport hubs such as airports & train stations. It provides end-to-end AMR integration & deployment services from design/installation optimization to custom engineering/manufacturing/operations teams tailored for customers’ business needs and AMR analytics platform which can measure robot utilisation rate performance AI analytics warnings for proactive maintenance for 24 hours seamless operation cycle control.

Overview of Exotec’s mission

Exotec, a global robotics leader, is revolutionising how merchandise is handled within distribution centres with its autonomous mobile robots. Their mission is to make the supply chain more efficient, reliable and resilient for retailers worldwide. Through the company’s innovative solutions, Exotec helps customers tackle inefficiencies of their supply chain and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service while optimising costs.

Their award-winning Skypod robots are a core component of warehouse digital transformation projects across many industries. Smart and effective, Exotec’s robots can autonomously and accurately transport items between key locations such as picking zones, packing stations and storage locations within a warehouse environment.

In addition to its robotics solutions, Exotec offers an analytics suite powered by its robotic fleet data that provides insights into productivity trade-offs between different scenarios — allowing customers to make smarter decisions regarding their supply chain operations.

Exotec’s Series D Funding

Exotec, the robotics pioneer, has raised a $335M Series D to continue its mission of improving the efficiency of the supply chain. This news signals Exotec’s commitment to developing and deploying autonomous robots, software, and systems to help global retailers reach new heights of supply chain resilience.

The funds will allow Exotec to accelerate its product development, expand its engineering and operations teams, and invest in the latest technologies to drive new levels of automation in the supply chain.

Overview of Series D funding

Exotec, a robotics pioneer specialising in warehouse-level automation solutions, recently announced that it has completed a $335 million Series D funding round. The new funds will be used to drive Exotec’s next growth stage and continue improving the supply chain’s efficiency for global retailers.

The investment round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and included existing investors e.ventures, Idinvest Partners & Bpifrance Large Venture and new investors Cathay Innovation and KTB Network, and additional support from Rakuten Capital. Exotec’s total raised more than $445 million as they scale their automated solutions across more than 20 countries globally.

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With increasing demand for robot-driven processes in warehouses across the globe, Exotec has experienced tremendous growth over the past 12 months with its Smart Picking Robotics solutions now implemented in more than 250 sites worldwide with operations run 24/7 on 5 continents. This new round of funding will enable further expansion into other countries throughout Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America and further development of key customer-facing products such as Logistics Control Hub (LCH).

The comprehensive LCH platform gives customers real-time access to data transparently depicting inventory levels within customers’ warehouses. The goal is increased efficiency through shortened lead times and improved customer experience when ordering products online or in-store while reducing environmental footprints across its clients’ operations.

Impact of Series D funding on supply chain resilience

The success of Exotec’s $335 million Series D funding round further cements the company’s leadership in bringing disruptive robotics to the global supply chain. With this funding, Exotec is well-positioned to increase the resilience of global retailers by automating warehouse operations.

Exotec has worked for over 6 years on highly innovative technologies in robotics and artificial intelligence that are setting new standards for supply chain operations with their goal to drastically reduce costs and delivery times. However, this is the first time a company could secure significant investments from industry partners and world-renowned corporate investors such as Blackrock Financial Services, Mubadala Capital, Craft Ventures and Cathay Innovation, among others. This is also the largest investment raised by supply-chain robotics companies worldwide since Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies’ $427 million Series A round in April 2019.

This large cash injection confirms that international investors have recognized Exotec’s potential advances in changing logistics across multiple areas including inventory management, storage optimization algorithms, autonomous mobility platform technology and improved order picking experiences. These advancements have been proven time and time again to drastically reduce operating costs while at the same time enhancing resilience against disruptions caused by structural market changes like increasing trade tensions from COVID-19.

Exotec’s series D funding will be used to expand manufacturing capacities and bolster research & development for warehouse automation technologies and logistics solutions built on an advanced robotic platform using multiple AI tools and ML algorithms for route optimization. This will help speed up deployment times for existing products & services, create more efficient robot fleets that can quickly respond to customer demand shifts (by autonomously coordinating tasks between robots), process orders faster from stock location through numerous pick paths & providing other special services like assisted picking experiences (APX) or safe navigation with fully loaded robots inside warehouses safely.

This substantial injection will not only allow Exotec to extend its support within Europe where they are already deployed but also expand globally into high population countries like China & India where demand has experienced significant rises due to evolving supply chain models driven at least partly by online retailing’s exposure during 2020’s pandemic climate – even though competitors may have already started setting up local offices there already in working towards similar end goals.

Exotec’s Robotics Solutions

Exotec, a robotics pioneer, is committed to improving the efficiency of the supply chain with its innovative solutions. The Paris-based startup has recently raised $335 million in Series D funding to further its mission of helping retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics providers modernise their warehouses with robots.

Let’s explore the robotics solutions offered by Exotec and how it is revolutionising the supply chain industry.

Overview of Exotec’s robotics solutions

Exotec, a robotics pioneer and leader in innovative fulfilment solutions, provides solutions to retailers, ecommerce companies and logistics partners. Established in 2015 in Versailles, France, Exotec has since had a presence in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

The company specialises in both end-to-end robotics applications within warehouses and customers’ unique needs when dealing with autonomous mobile robots on the factory floor. Their software platform provides a unified analytics layer that drives optimization of stock movements.

At the core of their portfolio are three key products: Skypods™ robots for storage, Skypicks™ collaborative robots for picking and packing orders as well as Skygates™ for automated loading and unloading operations. These advanced robotic solutions improve inventory accuracy by 12 to 25%, reduce labour costs by 30% or more, increase throughput for up to 50x and reduce error rate of mission completion by 4x compared to traditional methods.

Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms helps retailers manage the entire inventory source-to-shelf life cycle confidently while simultaneously reducing operational cost overruns and increasing operational efficiencies. The combination of data collection technology and advanced mobility robot offerings enables a seamless transition from manual intensive supply chain processes into highly agile intelligent ones that can keep up with demands on today’s modern supply chains.

exotec 335m series sachs asset 2bsawersventurebeat

Exotec understands how essential it is to adapt quickly during these rapidly changing times while simultaneously maintaining efficiency levels that customers expect from global retail operations. For this reason they continually reinvest into their cutting edge technology stack to maintain their leadership position within the robotics industry and ensure that customers investing in their services are provided total resilience across all aspects of supplier management process: inventory planning & execution; warehousing & distribution; order management; etc All Exotec’s solutions work together perfectly taking full advantage existing infrastructure investments making it entirely agnostic regardless of customer’s incumbents technical capabilities or priorities at play during design phase project rollout.

Benefits of Exotec’s robotics solutions

Exotec is a robotics pioneer committed to improving the efficiency of the supply chain through innovative robotic solutions. The company recently closed a Series D funding round totaling $335 million, confirming Exotec’s standing as a leader in robotics and commitment to investing in its technology and product development for retail operations worldwide.

Exotec’s robotics solutions offer many benefits over traditional human-controlled methods. Their robots are designed to be more efficient and consistent, reducing time wastage while increasing accuracy. They can also operate in tight spaces with their slim design, allowing them to easily manoeuvre through warehouses, stores and other retail spaces. Additionally, their Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) use advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically find their way around their operating space while avoiding obstacles.

Furthermore, Exotec’s robots have been optimised for sustainable performance over long periods as non-toxic, easily rechargeable batteries power them without disrupting their tasks or output. As such, these robots provide an economical solution enabling retailers to quickly respond to changing customer demands without additional staff or equipment. Additionally, these robots are extremely reliable and require minimal maintenance for continued operation; this helps save businesses money on labour costs associated with inspecting and maintaining older equipment models.

Overall, Exotec’s robotics solutions provide a cutting-edge platform for global retailers looking to improve supply chain resilience with minimal disruption or overhead costs. With its unique technology and dedication to advancement of robotics products and services, Exotec has positioned itself as a leader in this rapidly evolving sector that offers considerable advantages over traditional methodologies.

Exotec’s Impact on the Supply Chain

Exotec, a robotics pioneer, has just raised $335 million in its Series D funding, accelerating its position as a leader in automating the supply chain for global retailers. This tremendous investment brings with it the potential for significant change in multiple industries, as Exotec continues innovating to improve the supply chain’s efficiency, security, and resilience.

In this article, we’ll examine how Exotec’s automated solutions are transforming the supply chain.

Overview of Exotec’s impact on the supply chain

Robotics pioneer Exotec has been revolutionising the way warehouse operations are handled since its launch in 2016. By leveraging innovative robotics and artificial intelligence technology, Exotec has established itself as one of the leading companies in the supply chain industry. Recently, the company raised a massive $335 million Series D funding round to further its development and expansion in the retail sector.

This raise will allow Exotec to expand its existing range of robot-based solutions around inventory management to address global retailers’ demands for better supply chain resilience. The capital injection will help fund the integration of automation functions across various phases of the supply chain, from manufacturing to shipping packages. Exotec’s expertise in robotics and AI-based automation will play an integral role in streamlining operations, resulting in reduced operating costs, improved productivity, and more efficiency within warehouses worldwide.

The partnership with global retailers also provides a platform for Exotec to showcase their latest technologies such as real-time control rooms that provide visibility into safety risks and operations performance analytics tools that enable data-driven decision making capabilities. With such comprehensive solutions being offered by Exotec, it is clear why this revolutionary new player is quickly becoming a biggest name within the industry – revolutionising warehouse operations with cutting edge automation technologies higher efficiency across all phases of logistics management saving time while increasing accuracy throughout their organisational processes.

Benefits of Exotec’s solutions for global retailers

Technology and automation have brought new opportunities for global retailers to drive efficiency and speed up operations. Robotics Pioneer Exotec, a French-Israeli robot startup, is leading the way towards improved resiliency in retail supply chains by leveraging the latest innovations in robotics.

exotec 335m sachs asset management 2bsawersventurebeat

Exotec solutions can benefit global retailers looking to optimise their supply chain operations. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced shipment agility via automated storage and retrieval process enables full visibility into stock levels, order subscriptions and inventory control.
  • Integration of pick & pack robotic solutions with warehouse management systems facilitates faster order fulfilment by reducing manual labour costs and increasing accuracy rates.
  • Seamless access to real-time inventory data – understanding which items are in stock or need replenishing helps retailers make informed decisions about their current inventory management strategies.
  • Reduce errors in logistics process due to automation – robots use autonomous navigation technology along with sensors to avoid obstacles while accurately picking orders, thus preventing delays or incorrect shipments.
  • Faster delivery times through autonomous delivery robots – these reliable robots can travel at an average speed of up to 7 km per hour (4 mph), ensuring orders reach customers faster than ever.
  • Improved customer satisfaction rates – thanks to reduced delivery times and increased accuracy of fulfilling orders, customers are more likely to be satisfied with their shopping experiences throughout the entire supply chain process.

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