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Exotec Solutions, a leading provider of robotics- For-Goods (or RaaS) warehouse automation solutions, has announced the closing of their Series D funding round of $335 Mn. The round was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) along with participation from existing shareholder and strategic investor Kima Ventures. The funds will further build Exotec’s technology, expand its market reach, and grow its team internationally.

The Series D investment represents yet another milestone for the company which has provided robotic fulfilment solutions to major retailers across Europe and is quickly becoming a leading brand in the warehouse automation market. Exotec’s futuristic warehouse robots help create more efficient warehouses that operate faster than ever with less labour involved in the process. This is especially important for companies looking for an edge in a competitive logistics environment where time and cost savings are critical to building strong customer relationships.

The raised funding will allow Exotec to continue its mission of making warehouses smarter through robotic driven automation, allowing customers across all industries to streamline their operations by capitalising on improved visibility and predictive analytics among other features their current customers are already leveraging through their use of robot-driven systems. This marks another step forward for companies seeking reliable automated warehousing solutions that allow them to remain competitive amidst rapid industry changes such as increased customer demands and changing labour markets.

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management raises $335 Mn Series D Funding

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is an asset management company that provides various financial solutions including wealth management services, investment services, and private banking.

The company recently raised $335 million in Series D funding, which will help it expand its reach and services.

This article will provide an overview of the company, its funding, and the implications of its success.


Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is an international asset management fund founded in 2010 with headquarters in Singapore. The company has since built a global presence, with offices in India, Switzerland, the United States and China.

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management focuses on providing private and institutional investors with investment solutions that meet their needs by delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. This strategy is delivered through precise portfolio management processes, rigorous risk analysis, detailed due diligence and best-in-class client service.

exotec series goldman asset management 2bsawersventurebeat

In 2015, the company raised $150 million from a consortium of venture funding groups to expand its offerings from private equity investments into other industries such as shipping and real estate development. In December 2020, the company completed its Series D funding round, bringing the total amount of venture funding it had raised to $335 million. Following this investment round, Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management intends to expand its operations globally and address opportunities for growth across different markets.

Business Model

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is an international asset management firm with a mission to provide innovative financial solutions that exceed the expectations of clients and partners. The company owns and manages various investment vehicles, allowing organisations such as pension funds, endowments, and life insurance companies to efficiently achieve their long-term objectives.

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is uniquely positioned to serve investors’ needs in the rapidly changing markets by leveraging its global franchise expertise in quantitative investment strategies and traditional portfolio management services. This ranges from equity and fixed income strategies to alternative investments and special opportunities. Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is headquartered in Singapore with a network of offices in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

The company deploys various innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) driven analytics capabilities to optimise investment processes while remaining compliant with global regulations. It also relies on sophisticated operations infrastructure, allowing responsive front office support with best execution practices while ensuring investor protection.

Exotec-Goldman Sachs asset Management’s recently achieved milestone of raising $335 Mn Series D Funding will help it make further investments into technology development, expansion of its business worldwide, recruiting additional talent into the organisation’s teams and strengthening its presence across its niche markets.


Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management will accelerate its growth with a $335 million Series D funding from partners including GV, Goldman Sachs, Index Ventures, and Barclays. This funding brings the total amount Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management raised to $577 million.

This new capital injection will allow the company to further invest in developing the platform and expand its capabilities. It also provides strategic partners with an additional avenue to leverage investment opportunities.

The new partnerships among Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s are focused on technology investments related to portfolio management, machine learning, and cryptocurrency investments, enabling further expansion into existing growth areas.

This new capital will empower Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management to leverage its suite of integrated technology such as cash flow management, insights generator, and compliance and risk engine to create more tailored experiences for customers worldwide – from budding investors through large enterprises. Furthermore, the series D funding will allow Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management to solidify their market presence by expanding commercial operations into multiple countries worldwide.

Details of the Funding

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management recently raised $335 Mn Series D Funding. The funding is led by BlackRock, with participation from two existing investors, Felix Capital and Eurazeo.

This new funding will help the company expand its operations and accelerate its growth. We’ll look into the funding details and its potential impact on Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s operations.


Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management has announced that it has raised $335 million in its Series D Funding round. This investment was led by Fidelity International and BlackRock, along with additional investments from Goldman Sachs Asset Management and funds advised by Apax Partners. In addition, existing investors including Aglaé Ventures, Electric Ventures, and Bpifrance participated in the round.

exotec 335m asset management 2bsawersventurebeat

This latest funding round will allow Exotec-Goldman Sachs to meet the growing needs of its customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa by investing in new technologies, capacity expansion, teams and additional services such as financial planning. With this new capital, the company plans to invest in state-of-the-art warehouse equipment for their automated solutions and increase production capacity at their French factories.

The investment consortium brings together strong international players and important institutional investors committed to supporting Exotec’s leading technological innovators. Working with these investors aligns with our strategy to reach a broader customer base while continuing to focus on operational excellence in our growing network of warehouses spanning multiple sectors. Goldman Sachs will leverage its extensive network of global contacts and institutional resources to help facilitate this growth plan during this next development phase for Exotec–Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Purpose of the Funding

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management recently raised $335 million in a Series D funding round, using the funds to fund the company’s growth. This round of funding was led by BlackRock and greenoaks capital, with the participation of funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., Wellcome Trust, SGinnovazione SGR and Necker Capital playing key roles as well.

The funding will further develop Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s robotic process automation (RPA) technology and related machine learning solutions allowing users to automate operational processes. The company aims to use these tools to optimise warehouse operations for clients in areas such as inventory management, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization and order fulfilment. The additional funds will also be allocated towards planning for international expansion and growth in other areas such as engineering, sales, go-to-market capabilities and customer support services.

By continuing their development towards increasingly automated solutions for their customers, Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management hopes they can play an even bigger role in transforming commerce through optimised supply chains across various industries worldwide.

Impact of the Funding

The announcement of the massive $335 Mn Series D Funding Round of Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management sent shockwaves throughout the industry. The funding is seen as a huge success for the company and will reasonably have a significant impact on the future of the company.

In this article, we will look at some of the possible implications of the funding and its potential to help the company grow.

Expansion of Business

The series D funding raised by Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management, a provider of robotic solutions for the delivery industry, will allow the company to expand its presence and scope of operations.

The recent funding round, led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and included existing investors, was worth $335 million and will be used to further improve its existing products and services. The company also plans to use the funds to expand into new markets and further develop partnerships with clients.

Exotec-Goldman Sachs plans to use its new capital injection to launch innovative robotic solutions that are efficient yet cost-effective approved lidar technology for autonomous vehicle navigation. The funding will also be used to continue working on more advanced technologies such as AI systems that can help quickly and accurately identify objects in warehouses. In addition, it aims to reduce downtime through smart maintenance tracking software.

So this series D funding from renowned investors brings unlimited potential for Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management. It will help them enter more markets and offer more solutions in a much shorter period, making the company even more competitive in the fast-growing robot delivery market. This is great news especially after such an unpredictable year due to COVID19’s effects on economies worldwide!

Hiring of New Talent

Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management recently closed its Series D funding round of $335 million, including investments from Blackrock, Redpoint Ventures and Eurazeo Growth. This will mean that the company can now expand its business with the additional capital and hire new talented individuals for their operations.

The added capital will allow the company to scale and launch new features to remain competitive, including developing better software for their warehouses and stockpiling systems. As a result, the company will be able to meet growing consumer demand by maintaining a smooth process across different departments such as finance, IT, and marketing.

exotec 335m series asset management 2bsawersventurebeat

Furthermore, this additional funding also means that Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management can strengthen its team of professionals by investing in leveraging new talent within their organisation. By recruiting people with specialised skill sets such as robotics and autonomous system engineers, operations experts and financial analysts among other disciplines they can enhance their production processes and increase customer satisfaction.

This fresh influx of capital obtained through Series D Funding allows Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management to venture into new markets. The company can now use this resourcefulness to acquire talent with experience in modernising warehouses and data centres. This move signifies a long-term outlook toward improved efficiency which could bring more customers on board while keeping them satisfied with their services in a challenging industry landscape.

Increase in Market Share

The Series D funding raised by Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management is set to give the company a huge boost, allowing them to expand into international markets and drive progress toward becoming the leading supplier of autonomous robots in the logistics industry. In addition, as the company’s funding increases, they can increase their investments in research and development, allowing them to use the latest technology and create innovative solutions that give their customers significant advantages over competitors.

Furthermore, this influx of capital will provide them with more resources to invest in creating strategic partnerships worldwide which can help build upon their growth.

In addition, this investment will help Exotec-Goldman Sachs Asset Management stay ahead of competitors by providing them with access to larger pools of sophisticated technology for use in their robots. It also helps set a higher bar for competitors who now have a larger leaderboard competitor fighting for market share. Finally, the investment from Goldman Sachs and Funds advised by Apax Partners further demonstrates Exotec’s ability to attract top investors, instilling trust in potential customers that they are prepared to take on any challenge or project. With all these factors adding up, increased market share is almost guaranteed as many more customers look towards Exotec-Goldman Sachs as an industry leader in automated robotics solutions.

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