Trainwrecks, a popular YouTuber with nearly 1 million subscribers, has made a shocking confession – he gambling addiction. In a video posted to his channel on Wednesday, Trainwrecks says that he has been struggling with a gambling addiction for the past year and has lost “thousands of dollars.”

He goes on to say that he is speaking out about his addiction in hopes of helping others who might be struggling with the same problem. Trainwrecks ends his video by asking for help and advice from his viewers.

Trainwrecks tells the story of how he got into gambling

Trainwrecks tells the story of how he got into gambling. He explains that he was always a risk-taker, and that he loved the feeling of adrenaline that came with gambling. However, he quickly learned that there was a downside to gambling: the more you win, the more you want to win, and the more you lose, the more you want to lose. As a result, Trainwrecks ended up losing everything he had – his home, his car, his job, and his family. He now lives in a small apartment, and he is struggling to make ends meet. However, he still feels the pull of gambling; every time he sees a casino, he can’t help but think about what he could win. He knows that he needs to stay away from gambling, but it’s hard for him to resist the temptation.

He talks about the shame and regret

Trainwrecks talks about the shame and regret that he feels as a result of his gambling addiction. He says that he is ashamed of what he has done, and that he regrets ever getting into gambling. He knows that he has hurt the people who love him, and he wants to make things right. However, he also knows that it will take time – and help – to overcome his addiction.

how much has trainwrecks lost gambling

Trainwrecks says that he has lost “thousands of dollars” gambling. However, he does not give a specific amount. It is clear that his addiction has had a profound impact on his life, and that he is struggling to cope with the consequences.

He asks for help from his viewers

At the end of his video, Trainwrecks asks for help from his viewers. He says that he is not sure what to do, and that he needs advice. He also asks for help in finding a way to overcome his addiction. It is clear that Trainwrecks is struggling, and that he is reaching out for help.

He provides tips for avoiding gambling problems

Trainwrecks provides some tips for avoiding gambling problems. He advises viewers to set limits on how much they can spend, and to stick to those limits. He also suggests avoiding gambling if you are feeling stressed or down. Finally, he recommends seeking help from a professional if you think you might have a gambling problem.

Trainwrecks ends with a message of hope

Despite his struggles, Trainwrecks ends his video on a message of hope. He says that he knows he can overcome his addiction, and that he is determined to do so. He thanks his viewers for their support, and he asks for their help in overcoming his gambling addiction.

Where is Trainwreck now

As of right now, it is unclear where Trainwrecks is in his battle with gambling addiction. He has lost a lot as a result of his addiction, but he remains hopeful that he can overcome it. With the help of his viewers, and the support of his family and friends, Trainwrecks is sure to find the strength he needs to defeat his addiction.

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