A councillor has asked for guarantees from KED Partners after the company announced plans to build a casino on the waterfront of Sydney, Australia. The councilor had concerns about the impact on local residents and tourism, as well as how it would affect the area’s nightlife.

The what happened in sudbury last night is the story of a councillor asking for guarantees from KED Partners, after they had lost £150,000 at their casino.

Ward 4 Coun. Geoff McCausland of Greater Sudbury is dissatisfied with the Kingsway Entertainment District’s partners’ written promises. That is why a city official has petitioned the municipal council to negotiate reciprocal pledges to promote each other’s roles and contributions to the KED initiative.

In the fringes of Greater Sudbury, the Kingsway Entertainment District plans to build a new hockey arena, as well as an entertainment center with a hotel and casino. The idea was originally proposed in 2017, but it has run into many legal issues since then. The city council decided this summer to go forward with the proposal at the KED site.

Moving Forward Requires Assurances


Mr. McCausland proposed a resolution at the September 28 council meeting that, if adopted, would compel KED partners to commit to the project in writing. However, there was insufficient time to carry the motion before the meeting ended after three hours. He was also one of the councillors that voted against the September meeting being extended.

The councillor said that he wants everyone to have enough time to think about their vote and to know precisely what they’re voting on. His proposal will be revisited at the next city council meeting, which is set for October 12, 2021. The resolution says that the partners must make reciprocal obligations in order to prepare for development at the site, and that these promises must be submitted to the council by December 14, 2021.

Mr. McCausland said that he has been working on the motion for a few weeks and that it is written in such a way that it would not cause any delays or obstacles to the project. He stated that the motion isn’t meant to stall the project; rather, it’s meant to ensure that everyone has adequate information before voting. He also said that the motion compels employees to negotiate with partners on reciprocal commitment delivery.

There are currently no formal agreements in place between the city and KED partners like Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. When it comes to a multimillion-dollar project like KED, Mr. McCausland believes it’s not a smart idea to depend on verbal agreements. His worry is that the partners may abandon the project at any moment, despite the fact that the city has already invested millions on it.

It’s time to lay the foundation.

Members of the council voted at the conclusion of the September meeting on whether or not to continue with KED site preparation. The permission was approved by a vote of 7 to 6, and site preparation may now commence. Bot Engineering & Construction Ltd. will oversee the procedure, which is expected to begin by the end of November this year.

Legal Objections

While the KED project progresses, the non-profit Minnow Lake Restoration Group continues its efforts to slow down the site’s development. The group had previously requested a judicial review of the Sudbury municipal council’s decision to continue with KED. The non-profits allege that material sought by councillors is missing from the most recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report. The missing piece of information may have influenced their ultimate decision.

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The sudbury star archives online is a story about how the Sudbury Star asked for guarantees from KED Partners.

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